How to Install mSpy on an iPhone or iPad Explained

So you are worried about installing mSpy on an iPhone? Confused how it works and what steps to take? You are not alone, it all seems a bit complicated at first but don’t worry.

Installing the mSpy app on any Apple device is a little more difficult than on an Android but I will explain all and help you get it right.

If you are an Android user I have a detailed guide on installing mSpy on an Android phone – I also cover mAssistance for mSpy installation.

mAssistance is an extra service where you can have a support operative install the spy app for you over a remote internet connection. It is available for Android and the iPhone, iPad etc.

Have a read of those guides and remember to refer to my main mSpy review here for lots more information.

how to install mspy on an iPhone

Of course you need to purchase mSpy for the iPhone first! The good news is that I have an exclusive discount offer – you can save 50% NOW. No codes to enter just follow that link and save big – works for all versions of the app.

Full Spy App or No Jailbreak Version?

Before we get into the installation process for iPhone users make sure you understand the different options.

Apple phones and devices run Apple’s own operating system – iOS. They also control all apps available to install on the iPhone. They say this is for greater security but some think it is to make more money from paid apps.

The bottom line is that to install mSpy on an iPhone you first need to Jailbreak it. I have several articles explaining all about Jailbreaking in the Tech Guides section.

Jailbreaking itself has become a problem. The latest versions of iOS have no Jailbreak available and it looks like they never will. This left a big problem for using spy apps on an iPhone.

You can still Jailbreak older models of the iPhone and use the full version of mSpy. But for the latest versions you need to use mSpy’s No Jailbreak method. I have a full guide covering how the mSpy No Jailbreak version works – check it out to learn more.

For the purpose of this guide – installing mSpy on an iPhone this is for the full version mSpy app – installed directly on to an iPhone.

Before You Install mSpy for iPhone

Just like with installation on an Android phone there are a few thing you need to check before you begin:

  • You need to have the target iPhone in your possession
  • The iPhone must be unlocked
  • You need to have internet access
  • Disable any antivirus or firewall programs (during installation)
  • The iPhone must be Jailbroken

Remember this guide is for the full version software installed on your iPhone or Apple device!

iPhone Installation Video

Installing mSpy on an iPhone

When you have bought mSpy you will receive a welcome email with your account details and detailed instructions on what to do next. You will also have a download link (url) and a registration code – your license.

As your iPhone is already Jailbroken – select the Cydia App. This is your way to install third party software on your iPhone.

cydia app for iPhone

Cydia will open then you need to select “manage account” then “sources” “edit” at the top right corner and then “add” at the top left corner.

The screen will prompt you to add a the url source you want to download – this is in your email. Type in the link address (url) and hit add source.

It may differ from the url in the video example as the url address changes from time to time for security reasons.

The app will download then hit “return to Cydia”. You will see an app icon called mTechnology repository – select or tap it and then tap “iPhone internal service”. This is a non descript name for the mSpy app.

Hit install and confirm – the installation will run. It will take a few minutes to complete.

Then the phone will prompt you to “restart springboard” accept. The system will restart. You may have to repeat this process twice – just follow the prompts on screen.

When everything has updated you should see the mSpy app icon on your screen. Select it and it will open. Accept the license agreement and allow access to your location for GPS tracking features.

Next enter your registration code from your welcome email. To finish this part you need to restart the phone.

mSpy is now installed on the target device! But there are a few steps to complete the process.

If the iPhone was not Jailbroken you should hide the Cydia app from the home screen. There are several ways to do this but mSpy have a feature to help.

If you go back to the mTechnology repository file you’ll see an option to remove the Cydia app. Follow the instructions on screen and it will hide the Cydia app icon.

It is also a good idea to remove the mTecnology files from the phone after installation is complete and to clear the phone browser to remove all traces.

That is it – mSpy should be installed on your iPhone. To see the reports simply login to the online control panel on the mSpy website. Here you’ll confirm the phone name, make, model and number.

You can also configure all your settings from this control panel. The first monitoring reports can take a while to start showing in your dashboard – maybe up to thirty minutes or so.

It’s a good idea to check everything is working and reports are coming through before giving the phone back to your child. Just to be sure all is good.

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Remember this is for Jailbroken iPhones. If your iPhone version cannot be Jailbroken you still have the option of mSpy’s no Jailbreak system. The reporting is not as detailed as the full spy app but it is a good solution that still gives lots of control.

Thanks for reading and do your homework before you buy – be well prepared!

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