mSpy iPhone No Jailbreak Version Explained

Have you read about the mSpy without Jailbreaking version but aren’t quite sure how it works? I hear you – I get questions on this regularly so here I’m going to break it down and explain all you need to know.

By the end of this guide, you’ll understand what the mSpy no Jailbreak version is, how it works, how to “install” it, and what you can monitor on the iPhone without having to Jailbreak it.

Before you begin make sure you learn as much as possible about mSpy by reading my review and my articles explaining spy apps in detail!

Of course, I’m sure you know that this only relates to iOS devices – Apple products like the iPhone and iPad, etc. running Apple’s own operating system iOS. If you are an Android user see my guide how to install mSpy on an Android phone.

I also have a guide for how to install mSpy on target iPhone – one that is Jailbroken. For those who are struggling with installing the app, I also explain all about mAssistance from mSpy – their installation service.

mSpy without jailbreaking

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Quick Answer:

mSpy without Jailbreak is a version of the spy app that allows users to monitor iPhones without first having to jailbreak them. It works by gaining access to the iPhone backups made using iCloud and reporting the activity in an online dashboard.

The no-jailbreak version is not as powerful as their full version, but it does offer a good solution when you can’t jailbreak the device. With mSpy without Jailbreaking, you can monitor text messages, phone calls, web history, installed apps, contacts, and more!

The Problem With Jailbreaking an iPhone

Apple has its own operating system and it is basically a closed shop. They control any apps allowed on their platform through the Apple Store. They exclude all third-party apps, unlike Android which is open to all.

This means that to install any outside app, such as mSpy, the iPhone must be Jailbroken. Jailbreaking is basically a hack that bypasses security and allows you to install other apps.

The problem is that Jailbreaks are no longer available for the latest versions of iOS. If your iPhone is running an older version before iOS 9.1 you can still Jailbreak it. For versions after 9.1, you can’t Jailbreak and so can’t install mSpy full version software.

It’s not just mSpy that faced this problem – all spy apps can’t be physically installed on an iPhone which isn’t Jailbroken. Beware any sites claiming this is possible!

Thankfully mSpy was the first spy app to come up with a solution – The No Jailbreak Version.

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How mSpy Without Jailbreaking Works on an iPhone (iOS)

The first thing to always remember – this is not software that is installed on the target phone – the one you need to monitor. It works by gaining access to the iPhone backups made using iCloud.

iCloud is Apple’s own free cloud backup solution for the iPhone. Most people already use this service. mSpy developed a way to monitor the backups, log changes, and report the iPhone activity in the mSpy online dashboard.

It’s important to understand that no software is installed on the target device – that is why you do not need to Jailbreak.

To gain access to iCloud backups (on your child’s iPhone for example) – you need to have their Apple ID and password. I’ll explain more below.

Another thing to keep in mind. The mSpy without Jailbreaking version is NOT as powerful as their full version spy app. It has limited reporting options which I cover below. But it does offer a good solution to the problem of Jailbreaking.

icloud backup for iphone

How to Get Started

When you are buying mSpy select the No Jailbreak version for iPhone. You’ll receive a welcome email with all your login details, registration code, and detailed instructions on how to get started.

The mSpy no Jailbreak system works on any version of the iPhone but there are some things you need to set up.

1. Enable iCloud backups on the target phone. If they don’t have this set up already you can do this yourself. Go to settings > iCloud and enable everything you want to be included in the backups.

2. Make sure you disable two-factor authentication (2FA). This is important if you don’t want your child to know they are being monitored. 2FA sends an email or text prompt every time the iCloud account is accessed – you don’t want this every time mSpy connects with the backups!

3. Log in to the mSpy online control panel – using the credentials from your welcome email.

4. Set up monitoring – select the type of device you want to monitor – in this case iPhone without Jailbreak. Enter the Apple ID and password and follow the screen prompts.

That’s it – the backups will now begin being monitored.

You can configure how often you want backups to update which can improve reporting frequency.

It can take some time for the first report to come through depending on how much data is in the backup. You just have to be patient. Once the initial backups are started in the system, only the changes since the last backup are reported making things faster.

What Can the mSpy No Jailbreak Version Monitor?

As I mentioned, this version is not as powerful as the full spy app. It does however offer some decent reporting when nothing else is available.

Here are the main things you can see in the reports:

  • All text messages sent and received.
  • Phone call logs – with contact details, times, and duration of calls. Covers incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Web History – You can see what websites have been visited on the Safari browser.
  • See all apps installed on the phone.
  • You’ll see all documents, photos, and videos stored on the iPhone.
  • WhatsApp – reports all messages sent and received using WhatsApp.
  • Wi-Fi networks – reports the location of all Wi-Fi connections allowing limited tracking of your child’s phone.
  • See contacts, notes, events, and calendar use.

Some of the things you’ll miss out on compared to the full spy app version include GPRS tracking in real-time, monitoring social media apps, app blocking, emails, and the keylogger function.

mSpy Without Jailbreak versus Full Version iPhone Spy App

The full version is by far the best in terms of the range of spy features. Because it is installed on the phone reports come through quickly as actions are logged – with the backup monitoring everything is delayed.

The mSpy no Jailbreak version is really designed to help you when you can’t Jailbreak the target phone. Without it, you would have no monitoring capability at all.

It does work well, is easy to set up, and is well hidden. So well hidden in fact because it isn’t on the target phone – they will never know they are being monitored!

This version is proving very popular simply because most spy apps no longer work on the iPhone due to the Jailbreaking issue. Now at least you have another option.


What are the main monitoring features of mSpy’s No Jailbreak Version?

mSpy’s No Jailbreak Version offers a range of features such as monitoring messages, calls, emails, photos, videos, and more from an iOS device without the need to jailbreak it.

Is mSpy’s No Jailbreak Version compatible with all iOS devices?

Yes, mSpy’s No Jailbreak Version is compatible with all iOS devices running version 8 or newer.

How does mSpy’s No Jailbreak Version compare to its jailbreak version?

The No Jailbreak Version of mSpy does not offer the same extensive range of features as its jailbreak counterpart but it still offers a wide array of functions for parents and employers to monitor their target device’s activity.

Does mSpy’s No Jailbreak Version require physical access to the device?

No, mSpy’s No Jailbreak Version does not require physical access to the device; users can simply enter the iCloud credentials associated with their target device in order to begin monitoring activities on it remotely.

To Sum Up

mSpy without jailbreak is a version of the spy app that allows users to monitor iPhones without first having to jailbreak them. It works by gaining access to the iPhone backups made using iCloud and reporting the activity in an online dashboard.

The no-jailbreak version is not as powerful as their full version, but it does offer a good solution when you can’t jailbreak the device.

Thanks for reading!

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