How to Install mSpy on Android Phones and Devices 2023

Are you worried about the technical aspects of how to install mSpy on Android? Many people are concerned about this but you don’t need to worry. I most cases it is pretty straightforward and anyone can do it regardless of your tech skills!

I’ll walk through the basic process of installing mSpy on Android phones (or devices) below. I also have a guide for iPhone users – installing mSpy on an iPhone.

Also you should know that mSpy do offer an installation service called mAssistance where they can connect you to an online service and install the app for you remotely. If you prefer a video guide – scroll down the page.

So let’s get to it ….

install mspy on android

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Before You Install mSpy on Android

First things first – I hope you have done some homework on the mSpy app and have an understanding of how the app works and why this is one of my recommended spy apps. Hint – have a good look at my in depth review.

Before you begin installation you need to check a few things:

  1. You must have the target phone in your possession.
  2. The phone must be unlocked.
  3. You need to have internet access.
  4. Disable any antivirus or firewall programs (during installation).
  5. For some advanced monitoring features you need to Root Android.

Rooting or Root access only applies to Android phones and devices. It is not necessary for the app to work but some features do require it. For example if you want to monitor messenger apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat or Instagram you need to root the Android device.

Allow Unknown Sources – for older versions of Android operating system. This is in the android phone settings menu and must be enabled to allow you to install apps that are not in the Google Play store.

Go to settings > security > unknown sources – make sure to check that box.

Disable Play Protect – For the latest versions of Android the unknown sources is replaced with Disable Play Protect.

play protect android app

Go to the Google Play store and tap the menu icon. Scroll down and select Play Protect – then select settings in the top right hand corner of the screen. Disable – scan device for security threats. Done!

installation instructions for android

This basically allows you to install any app just like the old unknown sources.

Now you are ready to install the mSpy app.

Installing mSpy for Android Monitoring App

Once you have purchased your mSpy license and selected the device type to monitor you will receive a confirmation email with your account details and detailed installation instructions.

  • On the target device, open the Chrome browser and type in the download link from your email – directly into the address bar and hit go.
  • Enter the Captcha code and hit download. Accept any security popups and continue to download the app.
  • An app called Update Service will show up asking for permissions tap next and then install.
  • When it is finished downloading select “open”. This opens the mSpy app apk.
  • Accept the license agreement and follow the installation wizard to select the various settings.
  • There is a check box to hide or show the app icon. Obviously if you want the app hidden from view select hide!
  • You will be prompted to enter your mSpy registration code from your welcome email and then hit “Complete Installation”.
mspy installed confirmation page

That’s mSpy installed on your Android phone – now to finish off head over to your mSpy Online Dashboard.

mSpy for Android Installation Video Tutorial

mSpy Login for the First Time

You should have the link for accessing your online control panel :

When you come here straight after installation you will be prompted to enter the phone details such as giving it a name, the phone number, make and model.

That’s mSpy installed and ready to monitor! It can take some time for the first monitoring reports to come through – usually within about thirty minutes.

Can mSpy be Installed on Target Android Phone Remotely?

No, mSpy can’t be installed remotely on Android. You must have physical access to the target device for a few minutes. Once installed the software will begin to monitor the phone and upload reports to your online control panel. From here you can remotely monitor everything and you don’t need any further access to the phone.

How Long Does it Take to Install mSpy?

This is a very common question. I have installed the app many times over the years and am very familiar with the process. So for me I could install the app in about 6-8 minutes without any trouble.

For a first time user I would recommend taking your time and doing things correctly. Allow about 10-20 minutes and you should have no problems.

I always recommend that you have a good play around inside the control panel and set things like monitoring intervals and setting up notifications. It’s a good idea to check that monitoring is working while you still have access to the target phone.

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That’s it now you know how to install mSpy on an Android phone! Easy when you know how.

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