How to Hack Someone’s Telegram Account Like a Pro

The Telegram app is seen as one of the most secure messaging platforms but did you know that it can be hacked easily? I’m going to show you how to hack someone’s Telegram like a pro and you don’t need to be a tech expert!

I’ll explain why hacking Telegram matters and why people want to do it. Then I’ll cover the easy way to hack the Telegram app that works today.

I’ll also cover some other hacking methods and answer some important questions along the way.

Sound good? Let’s get started.

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Why Hacking Telegram Matters

Can Telegram be hacked – really? Yes, of course it can so keep reading!

Telegram is billed as one of the most secure communication apps available today. It has end-to-end encryption (which means that the messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and can’t be decrypted by third parties).

To put it more simply, Telegram is extremely secure because you need both sides of the communication to decrypt data. This makes it impossible for anyone else to read your messages – sounds great! But not exactly true as you will see.

People put a lot of trust in the app because of its security and in many ways this is justified. Unfortunately it has gained a reputation of being popular with criminals as a way to communicate away from the prying eyes of law enforcement. It’s also popular with children and teens who want to chat privately.

On this website I have a few guides on how to hack phones and different messaging apps – but they are all aimed at legal and ethical hacking. The main purpose of this guide is to help parents monitor their kids online activities and that includes what they are doing on Telegram.

For a worried parent hacking Telegram matters if their kids are using it in ways that can expose them to danger. I will cover the easy way to monitor Telegram messages and I’ll also outline other ways that Telegram can be hacked.

Some of these are scams and do not work. Others are very technical and are used by law enforcement or criminals.

Worried about your account getting hacked? See my guide on how to tell if Telegram is hacked – it will help you look for signs.

Always be aware that I will only condone legal and ethical hacking – so please don’t ask my advice on how to hack your boyfriend’s Telegram. No girlfriends, wives, husband or partners. Stay legal please.

How to Hack Telegram – the Easy Way in 2022

I have an easy solution for hacking Telegram messages – using a phone spy app. This is by far the best way to hack someone’s Telegram account for most people.

Remember the security and the end to end encryption? Well, if you install a spy app on your kids phone it bypasses the security and you can see everything they do on the Telegram app.

These apps are legal and cost very little. They are incredibly powerful hacking tools that can monitor lots more than just Telegram. More on that later.

Spy apps can only be used legally to monitor your own kids cell phones or company cell phones where your employees are notified.  

Using mSpy to Hack Telegram

mSpy is the most popular spy software on the market, with over 1 million registered users. mSpy will be your best option for most people seeking to track all activity on Telegram.

It’s been around for a long time and has shown to be both reliable and advanced, with new features added on a regular basis. When it comes to selecting a spying software, dependability is essential. There are several spy programs that do not live up to their claims.

It’s compatible with Android phones and the Apple iPhone, as well as their iPad and tablet counterparts. You only need an internet connection to download and install the software on the target phone.

All you need to do:

  1. Buy the mSpy app
  2. Install the app on the Telegram users phone
  3. Log in to your online dashboard and see the reports

The whole process is quick and easy. mSpy even have an installation service that can install the software for you. They also have a version for iPhones that does not need any installation. It is known as the mSpy No Jailbreak version and works by monitoring the iCloud backups. Find out more in those articles.

Once the app is installed you will be able to see everything they do on the Telegram app. You’ll be able to read every message sent and received (including time stamps), view who they are in contact with – everything!

As I mentioned, the mSpy app can do a lot more than simply monitor Telegram. It can hack into a wide range of social media and messaging apps including Snapchat, Instagram and Skype.

It allows you to see every text message sent or received and detailed call logs. You can track the phone in real time using the GPRS tracking feature. With the app installed you basically get to see everything they do on the phone. To see more about this program have a look at my main mSpy review below:

FlexiSPY for Telegram Hacking

This is another of my recommended cell phone spy apps that provides Telegram monitoring capabilities. You will have access to all activity on Telegram, just like with mSpy.

FlexiSPY offers the most comprehensive range of monitoring capabilities for messenger/social media applications, including nearly all of the most popular platforms.

It covers many of the same features as mSpy but FlexiSPY has a couple of advanced features that set it apart. With FlexiSPY you can actually listen to and record live voice calls. You can also use the phone microphone to record the phone surroundings.

These features are only available on their Extreme package – which obviously costs a bit more than other spy apps. If you want these features then FlexiSPY is your only option.

How to Get Someone’s Telegram Password and Log Into Their Account?  

Another benefit of using a spy app is that you can find someone’s Telegram username and password. This means you can then login to their Telegram account without them knowing.

In a good spy app like mSpy there is a keylogger feature. The keylogger basically keeps a record of everything the user enters into their phone keypad.

Using this allows you to see their log in details for any accounts they access on their phone – including the Telegram app.

Can I Hack Someone’s Telegram Without Them Knowing?

Yes, using a phone spy app will allow you to hack into someone’s Telegram without them knowing. Modern spy apps are very well hidden from the user. The spy software companies have worked hard to hide the apps from the phone user and keep changing things to stay ahead of detection.

They are difficult to find and are not usually flagged up by any antivirus or malware detection apps.

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Can I Hack Telegram Remotely?

Ah, the old remote hacking question! I get asked variations of this all the time and unfortunately there are numerous articles and videos claiming “remote” installation of spy apps is possible. I have a detailed article covering the subject so check it out if you are interested.

In short, you can’t install a spy app remotely. To install any full version spy software you will always need physical access to the phone you want to hack or monitor.

One way around this is available for the iPhone. As I mentioned above mSpy have a monitoring system for iPhones and iPads that does not require the installation of any software on the device.

It works by monitoring changes in their automatic phone backups in Apple’s free iCloud storage. But don’t confuse this with remote installation.

Telegram Hack Online Tools – Free Without Survey?

You might come across various site offering Free Telegram Hacking Tools. I’ll save you some time and energy – STOP. They are all part of well known scams and do not work at all. I have tested these and many others like them.

They claim that all you need to do is enter the Telegram username and they will be able to get their password or download all their messages. Sound too good to be true? Magic? And Free!

How do you think that would ever be possible. I know technology is amazing at times but seriously!

The scam behind them is that in order to see your “results” you need to enter your email and / or complete some online survey. It can be very lucrative – that’s why they exist. They make money for every survey you fill out and they sell your email to marketing companies.

In the end you will be told of some error in downloading your data – or just nothing at all. Save yourself the hassle and avoid these scams.

legal hacking

Other Ways Your Account Can Be Hacked

I’ve covered what I believe is the best and most practical way for regular people to hack Telegram – using a spy app. But it is possible to hack Telegram in other ways.

Most of these aren’t legal and are not really within reach of ordinary people. But they exist and it pays to be aware of the risks to your security.

Public Data Breaches – You know when you read about some company getting hacked and their users emails, passwords or credit card details get exposed? These are known as data breaches.

It is possible that hackers can get access to your Telegram account using information stolen in these breaches or in a direct attack on Telegram itself. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to protect yourself from these.

Phishing Attacks – You might have heard of this but I have some detailed guides that cover Phishing hacks and some variations known as Vishing and Smishing. They are all quite similar.

These attacks basically try to trick people into giving up personal information posing as legitimate websites or companies. Phishing is usually done with emails, Smishing uses SMS text messages and Vishing is done with voice calls. Read my articles if you want more information on how these work.

Professional Hackers – Recently there seems to have been an explosion in the number of people offering their services or recommending professional hackers. Apparently they can hack anything and all for very cheap!

No doubt there are many real professional hackers out there. But don’t be conned by scammers who are just out to get your money. Stop and think for a moment. Would a highly skilled individual be mass emailing people in poor English, randomly offering to provide hacking services?

Guess what – they always want paid up front to cover their costs! Just stay away from these. Apart from the fact they would be illegal, you’ll also get scammed out of your hard earned cash.

Don’t forget to have a good look around this site – I cover how to hack guides for many messaging apps – see my Snapchat hacking guide and the easy way hack someone’s Instagram – both very popular today.


That just about covers my guide on how to hack Telegram. I’ve explained some extra details along the way and given you the most effective way to do this. Spy apps are definitely your best option if you need to see what your kids are up to on the Telegram app.

Stay legal and avoid the scams out there. Don’t become another internet sob story conned out of money. Thanks for reading and good luck.

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