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How to Install Cell Phone Spy Software

This post is designed to help you through installing mobile phone spy software for the first time. This is absolutely crucial for the software to work properly and it is where many people slip up. Many problems associated with cell phone spy software stem from it being installed incorrectly. Get this step right from the start.

If this is your first time installing a phone spyware app – the best piece of advice is to give yourself some time. Too many people try to rush the installation and then make simple mistakes. It is possible to install the software in a couple of minutes but don’t expect to do this the first time.

app installation

Every Program is Different – Slightly!

Don’t worry the process is simple enough for anyone to do this successfully – you don’t need to be an expert tech guru.

Although the exact steps for each program are slightly different they are following the same basic principles. Sometimes the steps are just in a different order or the delivery is slightly different. I’ll give you a rundown of how they work but the important point is to follow the instructions you receive to the letter.

Spy App Installation Sevices

Some of the top companies now offer installation services for a relatively small fee. mSpy and Flexispy both have these services available when buying their software. They will even Jailbreak your iPhone or Root your Android – then install and configure the spy app.

To use their services you still need access to the target phone and you will need to connect to a PC or Laptop for  their service agents to do the installation. Great services for those worried about their tech abilities! Hacking a phone just got a lot easier!

Installing Spy Apps on the iPhone

Make sure the app you buy is able to spy on your iPhone or iPad and is compatible with the iOS version on the device. Read my iPhone Spy Guide for more details.

installing spy software time

Take your time!

If you are installing the software on an iPhone make sure it has a Jailbreak. This is NOT optional for full version spy software. If jailbreaking is a problem – consider using their installation sevices.

mSpy and XNSPY both have No Jailbreak versions that do not require installation – check my reviews.

Installing on Android Devices

The only special consideration for installing spy software on Android devices, is whether to Root or not. Check my Android Rooting Guide.

Rooting is Not absolutely necessary – but it is required for some advanced monitoring features such as Keylogging or monitoring messenger apps.

Prepare Well

I hope you are following along with my Cell Phone Spy App Guide. By now you should know the importance of choosing wisely – getting the software which is compatible with your target phone. When buying the software make sure you choose the best spy app package – with all the monitoring features you need and right for your platform. Android spy software can’t be installed on an iPhone!

Before you begin make sure you read any installation articles on the website you have chosen – mSpy and MobiStealth have detailed guides so get familiar with the process beforehand. Flexispy go a step further – they have a very useful installation wizard which guides you through the process.

Make sure you have access to the internet and your emails – be at a PC if possible.

Take your time and pay attention to the details – they matter!

Installing the Spy Software

Remember the order of some things may change slightly between the different programs but here is what happens.

  1. Buy your spy app
  2. Open welcome email
  3. Confirm and register your online account
  4. Enter the download link on the target device
  5. Download and install the spy app
  6. Enter the activation code
  7. Re-start the device
  8. Configure the app settings

Now for a little more detail:

You buy the software from the spy software company website, making sure to use a valid email address.

With some you will register an account with them at this stage and set up a username and password – this is for access to your Online Dashboard. Some programs may set up the account at a later stage in the process. Whatever order this happens keep your details safe you’ll need them later.

After the purchase goes through you should get a couple of emails within a few minutes. Usually you receive a confirmation of the sale plus an email with the download link and instructions for installing the specific program.

Follow the instructions very carefully – it is not very complicated but you must follow step by step. For most programs you enter the download link into the target phone’s web browser. Do this correctly and the software should begin to download onto the phone.

The download completes and you will be prompted to enter the activation code – contained in the email they sent you. Enter this into the target phone as directed.

Most programs will prompt you to re-start the phone to complete the installation.

It is a good idea to then go into the target phone and clear the browser history – this will remove any trace of the download link. Not totally necessary but may keep it safe from prying eyes.

Configuring the settings. With some programs all the settings such as reporting intervals and notifications are set up from within the online dashboard. Some will prompt you to set these during installation.

The software is now installed and ready to begin monitoring. Remember in my article How Spy Software Works – the reports are sent via a web connection to the company severs where you can access them in the dashboard. Some programs can take up to 30 minutes to begin reporting.

Now is a good time to test everything out. Send a couple of texts using the target phone, browse a website – whatever, just so you can check it is being monitored correctly.

Using the Online Dashboard

Give it half an hour then from your PC login to the dashboard. The dashboard is usually on the company’s website with a “log in” link. Enter your username and password to access the reporting area.

It is a good idea to keep all of your communication and account details somewhere safe – saved in emails works for me.

install success

Successful Install

The online dashboards all work in similar ways but depending on the program you have bought the options can be different.

You will have access to all of the reports – check if those test texts show up. Have a good look around to see if everything is working well.

You can check the GPS tracking and files stored on the target phone – check everything while you still have access to the target phone.

These apps allow you to easily track a cell phone without the user’s knowledge.

The best way to get used to the online dashboard is to just have a play with it. You should try the Demo version if they have one beforehand.

The dashboard is the central hub of the whole system and with some programs you can control almost everything from here without needing to go near the target cell phone again. You can even delete the software remotely when you want the reporting to end.

You can usually view your account details from here. See details of the plan you have purchased and set up billing etc. You can also get help from the dashboard area should you encounter any problems.

Remember that every program has slight differences in their installation instructions. I can’t give you a step by step installation guide for each and every spy software program but this should act as a good working guide to the overall procedure. Always follow the program installation instructions exactly and you should have success.

Remember – all legitimate programs will need you to have access to the phone you want to monitor. The software must be installed directly on to the target device. Watch out for so called remote install phone spy programs – they are scams!

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Jmg says

If you buy a new phone that’s yet to be activated can we still download the spyware on it?

    Susan Kennedy says

    No – the phone needs to be working and able to connect to the internet for the download. Hope that helps.

Amit says

If targeted mobile changes it sim card, even then it works

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes it will still work – with the recommended programs you’ll get a sim change notification as well in the reporting dashboard. The software is installed on the phone/device, not on the sim card.

Amos says

do you instal the software in the targets phone or my phone?

    Susan Kennedy says

    It is installed directly on to the target phone – the one you want to monitor.

      Dre says

      How much space/memory is required on the target phone in order to install most?

        Susan Kennedy says

        The downloads are quite small – around 2-5mb as far as I recall. Great question!

Nathan says

I’m planning on purchasing one of the software’s. My question is on the target device. The target phone has password security etc. There are only 3 passcodes, i have the password to all of them. Now the question is will the program download after I pass them all?

    Susan Kennedy says

    As long as you can access the device and get online with it – you can install the software. Once installed, passcodes etc. will have no effect.

prashant says

I have installed mSpy on one device and now I want to install it on another device. It is mentioned everywhere that it is possible but nowhere it is written that how to do it. I mean can it be possible without uninstalling software from old device.

    Susan Kennedy says

    You need to uninstall it from the original phone and then you can download and activate it on the new one. They do allow you to transfer – but will only monitor one device per license at a time. If you need it on both at the same time you will need another purchase (license).

Chris says

if I have access to the target phone which is an iPhone 6, and don’t have the time to jailbreak the phone will mspy work with just downloading it to the target phone?

    Susan Kennedy says

    To install any of the spy software programs on an iPhone you must jailbreak first – otherwise you can’t actually install the software. mSpy do offer a No Jailbreak solution – it works differently and does not involve a software download on the target phone. It has limited monitoring features. Read my main mSpy review for more details.

alok says

i am unable to make the payment thru master card or credit card. pls sujest me some solution

    Susan Kennedy says

    Pay Pal or wire transfer perhaps??

lonely Jenny says

Can the owner of the target phone find the spyware if they search for it on their phones?

    Susan Kennedy says

    It depends on the program how difficult this would be. Most are very well hidden – from apps processes etc. An expert could potentially find the software – but there aren’t many around! It is very rarely found – even paid software and so called anti spy apps struggle to find the software.

Buddy Baty says

How will installation of one of the spywares effect the data usage on the target phone? Will it drastically increase usage?

    Susan Kennedy says

    In the early days data uploads used to cause problems – but the major providers changed how the data is sent – using small data packets and there is virtually no effect on data use. Stick with a reputable software and you will be good. Thanks for your question!

Augie says

So from what u said, no spyware will work if you can’t touch the phone you want to monitor? If I only can get the cell number , that is not enough to set up the system, I must have to touch the phone and download the spyware. Some companies say you don’t need to touch the phone , so that is untrue?

    Susan Kennedy says

    That is correct. Remote install does not work. Have a good look at any site offering install by sending a text – does it look legitimate? Ask yourself why the main companies all only offer physical installation. Stop and think for a minute. Now if you get scammed you will at least know why. It would be ideal if you could just send a text – so much easier, but in the real world this does not happen. These companies know that and they hope you will fall for it. When it doesn’t work who are you going to tell? You think you have a legal claim – for buying something which if it worked would be illegal. Its like asking for a refund from a drug dealer!

Olaf Scheissman says

Thank you Susan,

You website is very informative and has saved me time.

Keith says

Is there any spyware that you can buy or download that does not entail installing anything on to the target phone?

    Susan Kennedy says

    I mention this several times across this website – ANY program MUST be installed directly on to the target phone – NO exceptions. Seriously, it does not matter how much you want this to work without directly installing software on the target phone – you will be scammed.
    Stop and think for one minute. Some products are claiming you can just send a text to any mobile phone and then you can spy on it totally. Really? Does this sound too good to be true? It is too good to be true. Take care!

Frank says

I am looking at purchasing either StealthGenie or Mspy and am a first time user. I noticed early in your article you mentioned the iPhone and jail breaking.’does this mean that all iPhones must be jailbroke prior I being able to instal any spywar

    Susan Kennedy says

    Yes – Jailbreaking is necessary if the target phone is any iPhone – no exceptions to this. Don’t be afraid of the phone it is really quite easy. Check out the guide on this site for more details.

mark k says

How long does it take to get the setup email, after I make payment. I’m looking at Steath genie.

    Susan Kennedy says

    You mean the initial confirmation and set up emails? If so, these are sent immediately after you pay. Always check your spam box in case the emails have gone astray. It normally takes a only few minutes as the process is automated. Hope that helps answer your question.

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