How to Tell If WhatsApp Has Been Hacked – Signs to Look For

Worried that your WhatsApp has been hacked? You might be right. I’m going to show you how to tell if WhatsApp has been hacked – for sure. I’ll explain everything you need to do and explain how some of these hacks can occur.

I’ll cover how the latest WhatsApp account hacks take place and I’ll list the main signs that WhatsApp is hacked.

With an ever increasing presence on the social media messaging platform WhatsApp has become the target of hackers. These can be a major data breach hack that has been going around now for over a year – or a more targeted hack.

I’ll explain how this recent WhatsApp hack is performed then I’ll cover some other ways you can be hacked without knowing.

Finally I’ll cover steps you can take to stop hacking now and in the future.

how to know if your WhatsApp account has been hacked

Can Someone Hack My WhatsApp Account Today?

Yes, as I mentioned there are a number of ways your WhatsApp account can be hacked. First lets look at one of the latest methods doing the rounds at the moment. Then I’ll look at the more likely way your WhatsApp can get hacked.

This recent hacking method seems a very simple way to hack an account but there are also steps you can take to minimize the risk. Here’s how it works.

When WhatsApp is installed you are sent a 6 digit verification code to the phone number used when setting up the account. Once the code is entered the account is verified and ready to use.

Hackers use an already hacked phone and send a message to “a friend” on the victims phone asking if they can use their number to receive the SMS to verify the account.

The friend agrees to this and a code is sent. This will turn out to be the WhatsApp verification code for the friends phone and account!

And the hackers are now into your friends account.

If you set up 2 step verification on your WhatsApp settings this should prevent this happening to you.

Another way WhatsApp can be hacked is using a spy software program or app. These are readily available and can also be used on any mobile device including tablets.

Software programs like mSpy and FlexiSPY would be two of the most reliable and easy to install spy apps.

My main article on How to hack Someones WhatsApp goes into more detail and you can read how hackers can gain access to you account.

Below I will outline a few other ways your WhatsApp account can be hacked.

If you think your WhatsApp account has been hacked or compromised there are some signs you can look out for.

Signs Your WhatsApp Has Been Hacked

There are some signs that let you know if WhatsApp is hacked. Look for these in your WhatsApp account settings.

If you notice a sudden change in the way the app is performing it could be a sign something has changed. You seem to be getting more prompts to change your passwords or notifications of password changes that you have not done or requested.

Or you are getting authentication requests that seem to be happening much more frequently and you have not changed the way you use WhatsApp.

These tips can prompt you into thinking your account has been hacked but what if it your cell phone that has been hacked.

signs your whatsapp account has been hacked

Signs Your Phone is Hacked.

This can be a much bigger problem as the hacker has not only access to your WhatsApp but to all data stored on your phone! And nowadays we all store so much information on our phones. Scary thought.

If your phone is hacked everything you use on it is potentially hacked! Here are some signs to look out for – also see my main article on signs your phone is hacked here.

Battery Drain

Now all batteries lose their power over a period of time but you find yours is losing power much quicker than before and you are constantly re-charging. This can be a sign there is a spy app or malware running in the background using up your battery charge.

Changes in how the phone behaves

Sudden changes in your phone can be a sign there is something running in the background using up resources and making the phone react differently. These changes can include noises when SMS’s are received that are unusual. Apps crashing, screen freeze or a general slowdown in performance.

Unusual E-mails

If you are getting unusual emails that contain strange script including symbols and codes it could be a sign the phone is hacked. Spy apps can use code to control the program and it could show up as a strange email.

You might also be informed that unusual emails seem to be coming form you that you have not sent.
Never open an email or text with an attachment if you are not 100% sure who it is from.

Know What Apps are Installed

It is important to get into the habit of checking all apps installed on your phone for signs there are some you did not install.

If you find any uninstall them immediately.

My main article deals in much more detail on Signs Your Phone is Hacked.

We have looked at signs your WhatsApp or phone can be hacked but there are other ways WhatsApp can be hacked or spied on. Check these out next.

other ways to hack WhatsApp data

Other Ways WhatsApp Data Can Be Hacked.

We have mentioned your account can be hacked with a major data breach or using a spy software program but there are other ways your WhatsApp is vulnerable to a hack.

Bluetooth Hacking

This type of hacking is normally done by more advanced hackers who use specialized software to detect vulnerable devices using a Bluetooth connection.

If they are in range they target your phone, gain access to all your data and if you stay in range they can then download all your information.

Sim Card Hacking

This one is harder to do as the hacker must try to convince your service provider they are you. If they do they can request a replacement sim card and then when it is activated they have access to everything you store on your phone.

phishing for WhatsApp data


This happens when you appear to get an email or text from a trusted company such as a bank or utility provider. These will have an attachment and once you have clicked on it your mobile is open to the hack as the virus or software is embedded in the link.

Have you heard about using codes to check if your phone is hacked? I have an article where I tested these claims – I think you’ll find it interesting!

What to do if Your WhatsApp Has Been Hacked.

This can depend on how the account has been hacked. If it is through a major data breach you will be informed by WhatsApp and they will advise you to change your password and initiate 2 step verification.

If the account has been hacked using a spy app or spy software you must uninstall it and re-set any passwords.

My main article on How to Unhack Your Phone goes into more detail on the steps you need to take.

Remember to check out my Premium Security Guide Ebook. If you really have serious problems and need expert advice it will help. Find out the details below:

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Can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?

Yes, if they use a spy app someone can see all your WhatsApp messages from another phone. These monitoring apps allow you to access all data from the target phone from any web browser. They can simply log in to the reporting dashboard online from any device including their phone.

How can I stop my WhatsApp being hacked?

Stop your WhatsApp getting hacked by improving your online security. Simply using strong passwords and enabling 2FA (two factor authentication) can keep you safe from most WhatsApp hacks. To stop your phone getting attacked, have a strong lock code and never leave your phone unattended.


As with all social media apps, they are open to hacking whether this be through a major breach at the company or through the use a spy software, spy apps or phone hacking. They have found ways to hack everything you do – from downloading your profile pictures to viewing your messages.

But don’t despair as there are steps you can take to unhack your device and keep it secure in the future.

At Acisni we have lots of detailed posts and articles they can help keep your cell phone and mobile devices secure – even if you have been the victim of a hack in the past. Have a good look around the Security section of the website.

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