How to Hack Someone’s Skype Account – The Easy Way

I’m going to show you how to hack someone’s Skype account in this easy to follow guide. I’ll cover different methods to be able to hack Skype and see the user’s ID and password.

You’ll gain total access to everything they do from messages and calls to pictures and webcam videos.

Can Skype be hacked so easily? I’m afraid the answer is yes. Hacking someone’s Skype is now easier than ever …. when you know how.

Skype has been around for years now and is very popular with individuals and business users. Traditionally it was a platform for use on your PC or laptop but with the rise of Smartphones and Tablets things changed fast.

Using Skype you can basically send messages or make calls and video calls to other Skype users through an internet connection. It avoids having to pay for calls if you use an existing data connection or Wi-Fi.

It quickly gained popularity for being able to avoid costly international call costs and of course for being able to see the other parties via a web cam. Premium users get extras such a call conference facilities but for most people the service is free.

Some people still use Skype on a regular PC or laptop – especially for video calls using the webcam. You can still hack Skype on computers and laptops – I have a section on that below.

how to hack skype

Why Hacking Skype Matters

If you have read any articles on this website you’ll know I only cover legal and ethical hacking methods. Of course people have many reasons to want to hack into someone else’s Skype account but you must be aware of the legal issues.

The main reason to hack a Skype account is to monitor your own kids activity on the platform to keep them safe. It is also useful for monitoring Skype on company owned phones and devices.

Up until very recently, it was impossible to be able to monitor/ spy on Skype calls or messages made from a cell phone or tablet. This was a problem for some people trying to monitor their children or employees.

Traditional spy software programs could monitor all regular texts and calls made on cell phones but if someone used Skype to make calls or send message you had no way to see what was going on.

Now with a few spy app programs, monitoring or spying on Skype is possible – for most devices. I’ll cover how to hack Skype account using these apps and then look at some other Skype hacking methods touted online.

You can then make up your mind on what works and what is the easy way to hack someone’s Skype!

How to Hack Someones Skype Account Using Spy Apps

Skype monitoring is available from leading software programs – MobiStealth, Mspy and FlexiSPY. I would suggest you stick to mSpy or FlexiSPY – both work well and are good value for money.

These apps are relatively cheap and very easy to install on the target device. Spy apps are available for Android and Apple operating system (iOS) phones and tablet devices. Once the software is installed you can:

  • View all messages sent using Skype – actual messages
  • View call logs – time and date stamps, names and numbers
  • View any pictures sent
  • View Skype Contacts

They are very easy to install and can be completely hidden from the user.

For more advanced Skype hacking software, FlexiSPY Extreme allows you to listen to and record Skype voice calls. This is a major hacking breakthrough.

It is only available for Rooted Android phones and Tablets or the iPhone/iPad. To work on Apple devices they need to be Jailbroken first.

At this time FlexiSPY is the only program to offer call listening and recording – it is only available with their most expensive package, but if you need this feature – they are the only option.

Now when any conversations take place using Skype you will have access to the details.

Can You Hack Skype Password and User ID?

Each of these monitoring apps has a dedicated section for reporting Skype activity found in the online control panel (dashboard). They also have another way to help – the Keylogger feature.

mSpy and FlexiSPY both have a keylogger function. This basically reports every keystroke made on the target device keypad dialer. Using this it is possible to see the user’s Skype ID (username) and Skype password.

Using this method you can actually log into your child’s Skype account to look around and see everything they are up to. A very powerful feature that works for any online usernames and passwords for social media and messenger apps.

As new Apps come out that can provide similar chat and messenger services the spy software companies are working to provide monitoring capabilities.

At the moment you can monitor some of the most popular ones such as WhatsApp, Viber, BB Messenger and iMessage and as time goes on more will be released.

mSpy have just released a version to allow you to spy on someone’s Kik messages – another popular messenger app.

Spy software is definitely the easiest and most effective way to hack a Skype account and see everything they do on the platform. I will look at a few other methods below – but none really compare to this method.

Can You Hack Skype on a PC or Laptop?

It is possible to hack a Skype account on a computer or laptop. There are several good quality PC monitoring applications – including one from FlexiSPY. These work in a similar way to phone spy software but on computers and laptops.

Again these can report all Skype account activity without the user knowing.

You can also use a keylogger. Keyloggers for computers can come as a software package or as a physical keylogger much like a USB stick. These can report every keystroke on the user’s PC keyboard – revealing their Skype account details and conversations.

Skype Webcam Hack – Is It Real?

I’ve already covered how spy apps can be used to hack Skype and they can even record any Skype video calls. This is basically Skype webcam hacking. But this does not mean you can hack their webcam and control it – not with spy software.

There are ways hackers can and have targeted webcams – some reported in the press. But to be clear this level of intrusion and control is illegal. It is also technically complex and unlikely to happen to the general public.

Worried that you might be a victim of hacking? I have a security guide – how to tell if your Skype is hacked covering some signs you might have problems.

Other Ways Your Skype Can Be Hacked?

I have a question mark here because these other methods you see mentioned online are pretty useless in my experience. One hack tool is an outright scam the other makes no real sense!

Skype Hacker Online Tools – Free?

If you search online for how to hack someone’s Skype account you’ll probably find some “Free” online Skype hack tools website. These sites claim all you need to do is enter the username or Skype ID of the person you want to hack and their amazing tool will reveal all! And it is Free!

What could go wrong? I have uncovered these scams before for social networking sites such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. They all operate in a similar way.

You enter the username ID you want to spy on and then the “tool” asks for your email or redirects you to take some random survey – just to prove you are real and you can download all activity on someone else’s Skype account.

Even after doing everything as requested you will NOT get any information from the target Skype account. They are scams and trick you into: giving up your email address (to sell to other scammers) or to get paid for you filling out a survey!

Save yourself the time and effort.

How to Hack Skype With the Email Address

Monitoring Skype - logo
Credit – Skype

This is another method you will see online for Skype and other messenger platforms. The idea revolves around resetting the password to gain access to the user’s Skype account and password.

You need to know the user’s email address and username, then on the sign in screen you select forgot password and the system will prompt you to change the password. Then you can log in using the new password that you created.

There are so many holes in this idea! First you need to know the email address they use on their Skype account. Then you need to be able to use their email account to confirm the password change.

Think anyone can do all that without them knowing? This process as a method of hacking Skype is just nonsense.


Can Skype be hacked easily? Yes but the only reliable way to do so is using a spy software app. This can be done with software on their cell phone or computer and is very effective.

Can you be hacked through Skype? Not really unless you count having your account information hacked from the Skype servers!

Can your webcam be hacked on Skype? Yes as explained above spy software can capture and record video calls made on Skype through your webcam or phone camera.

But this does not mean they can remotely control your webcam. This is possible by other means but is highly unlikely to be aimed at the average user.

Can someone hack Skype video calls? Yes. Using the FlexiSPY monitoring app would enable someone to hack into and see your Skype video calls.

It is no longer enough to be able to monitor text messages and regular calls. As people use new ways to communicate we need to keep moving with them – if you need to monitor what’s going on. Monitoring Skype conversations is now a reality, giving you a more complete picture.

That’s it for now. Don’t get scammed or mislead by useless methods and remember to stay legal!

You can now hack someone’s Instagram and I have a Snapchat Hacking Tutorial – the latest messenger / social apps to be covered. All are covered in the How to Hack Someone’s Cell Phone Tutorial.

Don’t forget to read my Reviews and compare the other features available for each program – see my article on the Best Rated Spy Programs – that should help you make a decision. There is much more to these programs than just Skype hacking and monitoring!

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