How to Hack or Spy on Skype the Easy Way (2019)

Monitoring Skype Use on Cell Phones and Tablets

This article looks at how you can now monitor Skype using spy phone software. Find out what you will need and how this will work on cell phones and tablet devices. Hacking someones Skype use is now easier than ever …. when you know how.

Skype has been around for years now and is very popular with individuals and business users. Traditionally it was a platform for use on your PC or laptop but with the rise of Smartphones and Tablets things changed fast.

Using Skype you can basically send messages or make calls and video calls to other Skype users through an internet connection. It avoids having to pay for calls if you use an existing data connection or Wi-Fi.

It quickly gained popularity for being able to avoid costly international call costs and of course for being able to see the other parties via a web cam. Premium users get extras such a call conference facilities but for most people the service is free.

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Skype on Mobiles and Tablets

Technology moves quickly and now many people are using Skype to make calls and send messages from their cell phones and tablets – and so avoid call and text charges. You can see the appeal and although there are now many rivals providing this kind of service, Skype remains one of the most popular.

Skype Spying in 2019

Up until very recently, it was impossible to be able to monitor/ spy on Skype calls or messages made from a cell phone or tablet. This was a problem for some people trying to monitor their children or employees. Traditional spy software programs could monitor all regular texts and calls made on cell phones but if someone used Skype to make calls or send message you had no way to see what was going on.

Now with a few spy software programs, monitoring/ spying on Skype is possible – for some devices.

What You Need to Hack Skype

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Skype monitoring is available from leading software programs – MobiStealth, Mspy and Flexispy. I would suggest you stick to Mspy or Mobistealth – both work well and are good value for money.

The cheapest spy app for Skype monitoring is now XNSPY – read my reviews for more details.

For more advanced Skype spying, Flexispy Extreme allows you to listen to and record Skype voice calls.

It is only available for Rooted Android phones and Tablets or the iPhone/iPad. To work on Apple devices they need to be Jailbroken first.

Once the software is installed you can:

  • View all messages sent using Skype – actual messages
  • View call logs – time and date stamps, names and numbers
  • View any pictures sent
  • View Skype Contacts
At this time Flexispy is the only program to offer call listening and recording – it is only available with their most expensive package, but if you need this feature – they are the only option.

Now when any conversations take place using Skype you will have access to the details.

As new Apps come out that can provide similar chat and messenger services the spy software companies are working to provide monitoring capabilities. At the moment you can monitor some of the most popular ones such as WhatsApp, Viber, BB Messenger and iMessage and as time goes on more will be released.

You can now hack someone’s Instagram and Snapchat accounts – the latest messenger / social apps to be covered. All are covered in the How to Hack a Phone Guide.

It is no longer enough to be able to monitor text messages and regular calls. As people use new ways to communicate we need to keep moving with them – if you need to monitor what’s going on. Monitoring Skype conversations is now a reality, giving you a more complete picture.

Don’t forget to read my Reviews and compare the other features available for each program – that should help you make a decision. There is much more to these programs than just Skype monitoring!

This is part of my main Spy Software Guide.

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