iKeymonitor Review – An In Depth Look

Time for my iKeymonitor review – a detailed look at this cell phone spy software app. It is a relative newcomer to the market but has gained some popularity thanks to some handy monitoring features.

iKeymonitor reviews online present a mixed view – I hope you’ll read this and know that I only recommend a few spy apps.

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iKeymonitor reviews

As a parent, I value my children’s privacy, but I put their safety first and foremost. Knowing that 65% of kids are involved in bullying incidents is alarming, and it calls for finding reliable measures to protect our children.

There are other scary statistics that make monitoring our kid’s cell phone usage a necessity. I find iKeymonitor a comprehensive, versatile, and efficient app. Here’s why:


  • It monitors a wide range of apps
  • It can block certain websites
  • Tracks GPS locations
  • Follows social media activity
  • Adjustable screen-time limit
  • Built-in bedtime and homework time schedules
  • Alert messaging in case of inappropriate activity
  • Can be used for monitoring work-related issues


  • Some functions wouldn’t work on a non-rooted or a non-jailbroken device
  • A non-jailbreak version can only work on iOS 9 or greater
  • Can only work on Android 2.3 devices and up, rooted or not.

General Features

This is a powerful parental monitoring app, that can also be used in work settings to ensure employee productivity and integrity.

iKeymonitor was developed by Awosoft Technology in 2012. The first version of the program was released for iOS devices. In 2014 it was further developed for Android devices.

The latest developer update, which is version 6.4, came out on September 13, 2018. It has added support for Android 9.x devices.

It keeps track of almost every keystroke on the cell phone, it can remotely control other devices, and it has the ability to mark all the locations kids or employees go to. It performs all these functions discreetly, which is a big plus.

It will monitor every SMS text message including on Apple’s own iMessage service.

These are some of the features I like best in the iKeymonitor app:

Monitors Social Media and Online Activities

Facebook is one of several social media apps where people overshare personal information. More than once the security and privacy of social media apps were compromised, which made parents even more reluctant to let their kids’ activities be unsupervised.

You can now hack your child’s FB account easily – even get access to the FB password. This is vital if you need to monitor their Facebook and other social media activity.

Employers share the same concerns, as even a casual chat could unintentionally reveal privileged information.

Just to be sure, iKeymonitor records social media activity very closely. It keeps a log of keystrokes, chats messages, and voice messages. It also takes screenshots of chats, date and time stamps, and a copy of the contact list.

Website activity is monitored in exactly the same way, plus a log of all search history, any interactions, media posted, and passwords used.

For a reliable Snapchat Hack – I would suggest looking at mSpy – my article will give you a lot of information about a complete solution for monitoring the Snapchat app.

For ethical reasons, we highly recommend that employees be informed that their work phones should be used solely for work purposes.

GPS Tracking

You can tell where your children are at any time, you can get a detailed route of all the places they’ve been to throughout the day, and you can set the app to check on their whereabouts at fixed intervals and report it back to you. How to Track a Cell Phone just got easier!

This is one of the most important services the iKeymonitor offers. Parents almost never stop worrying from the moment their kids step out of the house to the moment they return.

Knowing their exact location at all times, and making sure they are safe, would certainly be reassuring.

This feature also comes in handy if the cell phone is lost, or stolen. You can pinpoint the place it can be found, and maybe catch a thief while you’re at it!

At work, you wouldn’t have the same motives to track an employee, but if you’re overseas, for example, you’d want to make sure no one is playing hooky.

Remote Viewing

monitor devices

This program facilitates keeping tabs on other devices, as well as intervening when necessary. All online or offline activities can be logged and recorded, locations are followed, and if the kids are accessing something they shouldn’t, then the parent can block that site then and there.

Safety always comes first.

In workplaces, it’s advisable to have a general idea of how things are going. Incidents happen sometimes that require extra information. Let’s assume that there’s a breach and sensitive product information is leaked, knowing who does what can save the company a lot of hassles.

All this monitoring can be done from any remote device with the iKeymonitor interface installed and activated. A device as simple as a smartphone will do.

Whilst you can view the data remotely this does not mean you can install the spy app remotely. Avoid claims that you can hack a phone by text message – I debunk these claims in that article!

Setting Screen Time and Schedules

Many children cannot take their eyes off their cell phones, and it causes many short-term and long-term problems for them.

After hours of non-stop gaming, their eyes get tired, they become short-fused, they don’t enjoy their food, they can’t focus on studying, and they stay up way past their bedtimes.

Studies show that after months of being sedentary, kids could become overweight, they might need reading glasses, and their school grades wouldn’t be too stellar.

Kids are too young to have the self-control necessary to stick to a screen time schedule. It’s on the parents to make sure they do. Kids appreciate structure as long as it’s fair and consistent.

You can adjust game time around their mealtimes, bedtime, and homework time. You can also limit their daily gaming spree, and how long a single playing session could go. This healthy system will become a routine after a while.

A similar frame can be arranged for workplaces. Employees can use their unblocked apps at lunch break, outside office hours, over the weekend, and during vacations.

App Blocking

Using this function, I can block certain apps or games completely, or I can just adjust it to follow a screen-time schedule.

A game can be blocked at bedtime, during homework time, after a preset maximum time per day, or for some minutes after it’s been used for a certain duration. It can also be stopped permanently.

Games with inappropriate content, violence, or requiring an older age rating should be blocked. However, a parent can also be flexible without bending any rules. The best part of iKeymonitor is that it makes sticking to the ground rules much easier.

Managing employees works along similar lines. Certain activities are clearly unacceptable in a workday. For example, online shopping, playing games, skyping, using social media, or youtube surfing. All of these are absolute timewasters.

Blocking these apps from the cell phone provided by the company would be wise. It usually has a positive effect on the employees’ focus and productivity. It can also be set to unblock after-hours when having fun is totally Okay.

Unique Points

The iKeymonitor has some special features that put it a step ahead of similar apps, here are some options that are really good to have.

Alert Words

alert words

You can adjust the program to alert you every time a certain app is used, a person is contacted, a word is used, or a keyphrase pops in a message. You’d be notified the instant this event takes place.

The app comes with a long list of keywords, categorized and classified for easy customization. This is based on extensive research on the language used by kids when they’re bullied, have anxiety, suffer from depression, or any number of serious issues that require the parent’s attention.

At work, a similar alert is advisable if a situation calls for it. It would also mean less full-time monitoring.

Supports Many Languages

The iKeymonitor doesn’t analyze language, it records keystrokes. This means that you can use it anywhere in any language. The same monitoring capabilities would all be retained. This feature is very valuable, and I haven’t seen it in any other app.

The user interface also supports an assortment of languages. It can easily be used by anyone included in this long list in their native language.

It’s a Discreet App

The iKeymonitor runs quietly in the background of the device. It doesn’t cause unnecessary conflict or trust issues.

Similar apps easily get spotted by a user and they’re promptly uninstalled. This could have several unwanted consequences.

It’s also tamper-proof, and can’t be accessed by a third party. To further safeguard this interface, it has strong password protection and several other security measures.


We live in very challenging times. Every day the news carries a heart-wrenching story involving kids. And the worst part is, so many tragedies could’ve been stopped if only the parents saw what was going on in time.

I believe that it’s best if everyone can be assured that his or her privacy is intact, but I can’t live in the bliss of ignorance. We as parents can’t ignore the dangers lurking around our kids, even when they are at home. Social media lives with us.

iKeymonitor could be a reasonable method to keep them safe. Being fully informed what they share in social media, knowing their browsing history, having constant updates on their whereabouts are all reassuring.

Receiving alerts when a certain keyword is used is a valuable feature in that app, especially with the suggestions given by the program to further assist the parents.

The younger kids would know that they have a restricted cell phone. It would help them organize their time better, and let them engage in other activities.

I think that using this program at work is also worthwhile. Informed employees would act more responsibly when they understand that their online activities are restricted or monitored, and if a situation occurs that needs deeper investigation, many options in the iKeymonitor would come in handy.

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