XNSpy Review (2024) The Best Value Phone Spy Software?

Welcome to my XNSpy review – the latest in my series of Real reviews of phone spy software apps. As with all of my reviews I have used and tested this product and will give you some useful information to help decide if this is the spy app you need – something more than just a rehash of their own sales pages!

Most XNSpy reviews online are pretty generic, simply listing the features with lots of Buy Now pictures – not really helpful.

In my reviews, I try to give an honest opinion on the spy apps that I actually test and use. Hopefully, you will appreciate the difference.

Why Not XNSpy? – the Short Version

If you follow this website, you’ll know I have a few selected cell phone spy software programs that I recommend – and have done for many years now.

Well, I like to keep up with changes and always try and test new products. In the end, I only recommend a small number that I am confident will deliver reliable service and an honest product.

I have tested XNSpy and I’m afraid to say it does NOT make my recommended list. I found this monitoring app to be a poor competitor for mSpy, FlexiSPY, and uMobix.

It just doesn’t offer enough in terms of features and ease of use in my experience. It feels like a poor copycat that doesn’t quite pull it off. If I am going to recommend another spy software it needs to offer something different and I don’t think XNSpy does this.

That said, I don’t think it is a scam. It worked for me and most features were correct but it just didn’t impress in any way.

I will go into the detailed review below so please read on and find out if this is the program to suit all of your monitoring needs.

You can check out the XNSPY website Here

XNSPY Full Review 2024

Does XNSpy work? Is it reliable? How much does it cost? Is it hidden? Is it any good? …. ah the questions! Here goes:

XNSPY is a relatively new offering on the spy app market and offers monitoring for Android and Apple (iPhone/iPad etc.) smartphones and tablet devices.

Like mSpy, they also have a No Jailbreak spy service for the iPhone as well as a full software version for Jailbroken Apple devices – more on this below.

One of the main reasons I was keen to try this one out and add it to my recommended list was that they offer Call Recording (on Android) and Ambient Recording (recording the phone’s surroundings). Not all spy app programs offer these services – and few can deliver.

Unfortunately, their call recording features didn’t work for me – tested on a Samsung Android phone. Looks like FlexiSPY is still the only app that has call listening and recording features that work.

Xnspy is trying to compete directly with the mSpy spy app – with the No Jailbreak version, and the FlexiSPY app – with the recording features. There is also a relatively new spy app called uMobix – see my latest review . It doesn’t compete with any of these apps right now.

Make sure to check out my comparison reviews to see how they stack up.

xnspy reviews

Xnspy Pricing

Pricing is pretty straightforward – they have XNSPY Basic and XNSPY Premium based on the feature list available and both versions apply to the full version software and the No Jailbreak editions. Nice and easy!

XNSPY Basic – $49.99 for 1 month, $69.99 for 3 months and $99.99 for 12 months.

XNSPY Premium – $59.99 for 1 month, $99.99 for 3 months and $149.99 for 12 months.

If you check their latest prices – you can see clearly the full list of features available with each version.

I like the way it is all laid out clearly – so no more confusion about what features come with each price point!

As with other programs you can choose a short term to try the program out without a high cost. The yearly terms offer the best value for money.

Phone Compatibility

This program only works on Android and Apple phones and devices – no computer monitoring or platforms such as Blackberry, etc.

  • Android phones and tablets – all versions from 4 onwards
  • Apple iPhone, iPad, etc. – up to iOS 9.03
  • Apple No Jailbreak – All iOs versions (Apple ID and password required)

Always check their website for the latest compatibility information and remember not all features are covered by all versions. If in doubt ask their support chat online – works well!

Is the XNSPY App Hidden?

You can choose to hide the app during installation simply by ticking a check box. This will ensure there is no sign of the spy app on the target device.

On a Jailbroken Apple device, you can also choose to Hide the Cydia App – giving another level of stealth.

For most people, this will be more than enough to hide the existence of the spy software.

In my opinion, mSpy still leads the way in how far they go to hide their app from detection – removing it from “running processes” and with more detail in how they disguise file names. But as I say for most people this should not be a major concern.

Standard Monitoring Features

As with other phone spy software programs, you get all of the hacking features I would expect as standard. Detailed call logs, text messages, GPS tracking, emails, web browsing history, photos/video on the target device, contacts, and calendar activities.

Apps like Xnspy allow the user to hack the target phone camera and to see someone’s phone pictures without them knowing.

XNSPY has all these and more included in their standard package – which is what you should expect from any decent monitoring program. I am usually more interested in the more advanced features and how they work when reviewing phone spy software.

Advanced Spy Features

As I mentioned above this software caught my eye because of the recording features they offer but they also do a good job at providing other useful advanced monitoring features.

Remember that not all features are available for all phones or operating systems – you need to check.

Call Recording – with this feature you are supposed to be able to record all voice calls made and received on a Rooted Android device. It didn’t work at all for me!

Ambient Recording – the ability to record the phone’s immediate surroundings, acting like a “bug”. Again not many programs offer this feature.

You initiate the recording by sending a secret (hidden) text from within the online dashboard control panel and specifying a time duration of up to 30 minutes.

For some people, these recording features are very attractive and they are why Flexispy has been able to charge a premium price for their services. My advice is: if you need call listening or recording features, go for FlexiSPY. It really is the only app that these features work on.

call recording

Messenger App Monitoring – again they are competing well with other programs. You can spy on: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessages, Viber, Skype, Line, KiK, Instagram, and Tinder. They cover most of the main programs.

GPS Tracking – you can track the target device in real-time (not on the No Jailbreak version) – and set up alerts for prohibited areas. Also, see the location history. The alerts are a great feature for monitoring kids’ movements.

Remote Commands – using settings from the online control panel you can control certain actions remotely. You can block specific apps, remotely lock the phone, and wipe the device (great for a stolen or lost phone).

You can also take a screenshot of the target device in real-time.

Watchlist and Alerts – Xnspy does a great job with its alerts system, it is very easy to set up and manage and provides real value. You can set up alerts based on specific phone numbers, words used in texts or emails, locations, and on SIM card change.

I love these features and am amazed more people do not seem to get how useful they can be!

That covers most of the advanced features that stand out with this program – but it is not a complete list.

XNSPY No Jailbreak Spy for iPhone

Competing directly with mSpy they have a No Jailbreak version of their own. These programs have become very popular because the latest versions of Apple iOS cannot be Jailbroken… yet.

No Jailbreak versions are a good alternative if you are not able to jailbreak and install the full-featured software. There are limitations to their use and the feature list is not as advanced as the full versions.

You do not necessarily need access to the target phone as no software is actually installed. You must have the target phone Apple ID and Password – and iCloud backups need to be set up to run. The reporting is based on monitoring the iCloud backups and so is not in real time.

Although this method means you can technically spy on a cell phone without having it – it does not mean it is remotely installed.

And no, you can’t hack someone by sending a text message. Read those guides before you get tempted by some crazy claims out there!

Using this method you get most basic features: call history, text messages, contacts, apps installed, calendar, photos and video, bookmarks, and browsing history. You can also see most messenger app activity such as WhatsApp and Viber etc.

Like mSpy No Jailbreak this version works well and is probably your best monitoring option if Jailbreaking is not possible. Remember – this only applies to Apple devices!

XNSPY for Android

Their Android version offers the most advanced features – but for some features to work you will need to Root the Android device (I have explanations at the links!). Most spy programs have these same requirements.

Rooting is only required for – recording features, screenshots, and spying on messenger apps (WhatsApp, etc.).

Installing XNSPY

Like most of my recommended spy apps, this one is easy enough to install. Once you buy the program they will email you easy-to-follow instructions with a download link and activation code.

They do a good job at keeping this process easy to follow and understand – people get confused between the different versions and whether they need to Root Android or Jailbreak iPhone. Xnspy keeps it easy to follow.

They do now offer an installation service – only available for Android devices at the minute and it costs $20 – well worth it if you are really not comfortable.

Like I said though if you take your time and follow the instructions anyone should be able to install the software.


Their support is a bit different from some of the others but I found it worked well enough although I did not encounter any major issues.

They do not have phone support – which I know some people prefer.

They have a responsive Live chat feature on their website and an email ticket system for more detailed inquiries. They do have a good Knowledge Base – covering in detail all the major subjects around support such as installation guides and configuration settings.

All in all, it works well – although dedicated phone support is not available at this time.

Online Demo

They have an online demo where you can have a good look around and get a feel for the reporting dashboard. This is a great idea for anyone who has never used any of these products before.

xnspy demo

What I really like about this one is how simply laid out everything is. It has a clean look and is very easy to find your way around. They seem to have learned a lot from their competition and worked at presenting everything in an easy-to-follow format.

Why Buy XNSPY?

I don’t recommend every spy software app that comes onto the market and I like to be sure that the ones I do recommend are genuine and offer a reliable service. I don’t believe that XNSpy offers anything different from the mix of spy apps I have reviewed.

It claims to compete directly with Flexispy because of the recording features but at a substantially lower cost. In my testing, these features did not work at all.

It also covers features available from mSpy – although not just as many – and they have the No Jailbreak system for iPhone users.

In fact, if cost is a major issue for you XNSPY isn’t even the lowest-priced spy app that I list on the site. mSpy with my special discount is cheaper and so is uMobix.

The features do vary between the different spy apps so you do need to assess which features you really need. Compare the programs for yourself and then consider the pricing before making your final decision.

The XNSPY app is a relatively new program but so far they are failing to make a significant impression in this market. They will need to improve if they are to compete with the best spy apps available today.

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