Will Spy Software Work on My Cell Phone – Spy App Compatibility?

This is a very common question – it’s easy to get confused at the beginning – will cell phone spy software work on your phone? Compatibility of spy apps is very important. I will explain everything here and I’ll try to keep it simple!

This is part of my main Spy Software Guide, I hope you are following along!

For any of the software programs to work there are a couple of really important requirements.

Before we get to that remember that ANY iPhone must be Jailbroken before you can install cell phone spy software – one exception is mSpy No Jailbreak but it is not regular spy software but a PC software program – it offers limited monitoring and does not need a Jailbreak.

You can read more about Jailbreaking here.

Rooting an Android is NOT necessary – but a couple of advanced reporting features may need it – for example Monitoring WhatsApp messenger, Skype and Viber.

compatible spy apps

Smartphones Only

The Target phone must have a web browser and an internet connection. This means it must be able to go online with a web browser – preferably with its own data plan, but it is also possible with a home Wi-Fi connection.

Some access to the internet is essential or it will not work. These phones are commonly referred to as Smartphones.

Your cell phone must also be compatible with the software.

They will work with all carriers or service providers in ANY country. As long as there is an internet connection available and your phone operating system is compatible – spy software will work.

Note – With the main companies you can now monitor Tablets and iPads with the same phone spy software – compatibility works just as for cell phones; Internet access and compatible operating system and iPads must be Jailbroken.

Cell Phone Compatibility

The various spy software programs cover different phones, devices and operating system versions.

The mSpy app – covers Android and iPhone (phones and devices).

The Flexispy app covers – Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry.

Spy software is supplied as a download to be physically installed on to the phone you intend to monitor – the target phone .

The software provider will have different downloads for the various phone type – Android, iPhone, Symbian etc.

It is further broken down by OS version – this is the Operating System version, for example Android 4.1.0 or Apple IOS5 etc.

You must match the target phones type and Operating system when you are buying the software. If your target phone is a Samsung Galaxy Y running android 2.3.6 – just choose the download which covers that version.

You need to find out which Operating System the target phone is running before you buy.

How to Find Your Device OS Version

For Android devices –  go into settingsabout phone – scroll down and you will see the Android version.

Apple iPhone – go to settingsgeneralabout – scroll down to see the version number.

find iphone os version
iPhone screenshot

BlackBerry – go into optionsabout – look down for the version displayed as v4.6.0 etc.

This is another article on finding your OS version.

Now you know the OS version you can continue.

The cell phone make and model is not really important – the OS version is what really matters.

On most of the software providers websites you will see a list of compatible phones – usually with pictures. They do this to make it easy – if you spot your particular make and model of phone.

People panic if their specific phone is not listed but rest assured if the OS is correct the software will work.

Cell phones can sometimes have slightly different names and model numbers in different countries around the world, and with the rate at which new models are introduced it is difficult for the software companies to list ALL compatible phones.

If you are ever really in doubt – drop the company an email and ask – its also a good way to check their help system!

The vast majority of cell phones are supported by the best spy software products.

Tablets and iPads

The big companies have moved to support the various hand held devices. Flexispy, mSpy and MobiStealth now offer similar monitoring features for All Android tablets and iPads.

Again all you need is an internet connection and a compatible operating system version. Remember you will need to Jailbreak the iPad before installing the software.

A Note About New OS Versions.

When new operating systems are released for say Android or Apple iPhones, it usually takes a while for the spy software companies to catch up and support them. If you are running monitoring software don’t upgrade right away or the program may not work.

Wait a few weeks for the spy software to support them, then you can go ahead with updating your target phone OS if you want.

Disable Automatic Updates on iOS

Due to recent difficulties in Jailbreaking the latest iOS versions it has become important to disable automatic updates on any iPhone / iPad you are monitoring. This will enable your spy app to keep working.

Check out other articles in my Spy Apps section – lots of information there!

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