Learn How to View Secret Conversations on Facebook the Easy Way

Wondering how to view secret conversations on Facebook? It’s not as simple as it sounds because you’ll need to know the other person’s password in order to access their account.

But there are a few things you can do to get around this.

You might be wondering what those things are and that’s why we’re here today. I want to help you out by sharing some tips with you so that your search for answers ends right here!

I’ll explain all you need to know about Facebook secret conversations and how they work. Then I’ll cover some ways to read someone else’s secret conversations. Methods that really work.

Let’s take a look!

how to track secret conversations on facebook

What is a Secret Conversation on Facebook Messenger?

A secret conversation is a private discussion through Facebook messages that is only available to the people involved in the message. It’s different from a regular conversation because the messages cannot be viewed by anyone else on Facebook.

Facebook has added a function to its Messenger app called Secret Conversation that encrypts the messages (end to end encryption) and lets users set timers for them to self-destruct. This means the messages are only visible for a certain period of time.

How They Differ From Normal Messages

Secret conversations are only available on the Messenger app, not via Facebook on desktop or mobile web. So you’ll have to download the Messenger app if you want to view them.

The big difference with secret conversations is that the messages are only visible to the people involved. That means no one else can see them, a great way to discuss sensitive issues without worrying about who might be watching.

The other important thing you need to know is that secret conversations only work one-on-one, not in group chats.

Want to Know How to Start a Secret Conversation?

The first thing that you’ll need to do is download the Messenger app. Then, start a regular conversation with someone if you haven’t already. The other person will need to be on Facebook for this to work properly.

Once the person responds, tap on their face icon at the top of the screen to bring up more options. Scroll down to Secret Conversation and a lock will appear over the Messenger logo. Tap on it to initiate a private chat with your friend.

Can I Start a Secret Conversation With Anyone?

Yes, as long as the person you’re trying to message is on Facebook Messenger. You can’t start a secret conversation with someone who has their messages set to public because they need to be able to reply and activate the conversation.

Once you follow the steps above, a new screen will appear with a timer and an option to set an expiration date.

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What is the Self-Destruct Timer and How Does It Work?

As we mentioned above, you can set a self-destruct timer during the secret conversation. This gives each person involved in the chat control over how long it will be available for other people to read them.

You’ll find the timer option under Settings when you open up your secret conversation on Messenger. The shortest amount of time you can choose is one day and the longest is four days.

How to Track Secret Conversations Using an App

These conversations by their definition are supposed to be secret – only visible between the two people involved. You would need to log in to someone’s FB account in order to see these messages. Not very practical in most situations!

However, there are ways to track Secret Conversations on Facebook without anyone knowing. As already mentioned, any secret messages will be private. Thus, you need to have their password in order to check it out.

But not if you use a spy app! How does that work? Well, it’s rather simple.

Using mSpy to See Secret Conversations

mSpy is a powerful monitoring or spy app that can be used legally to track what your kids are up to online. It can in some circumstances be used on company owned smartphones.

Using a program like this is the best way to see any secret conversations plus a whole lot more. mSpy features in my guide to FB Hacker Apps – have a look.

The mSpy app can be used to track everything on Facebook. You will have access to see all Facebook messages, see every photo shared and every conversation on Messenger and in their main FB account.

I have a lot of information on AcisNI explaining everything you need to know about mSpy. Start with my main review :

You can see everything in real time or check out historic data later at your convenience. Regardless of when you choose to view the tracked information, the results will be reliable because mSpy is a professional monitoring solution.

mSpy can monitor much more than just Facebook. You’ll also be able to track phone calls, text messages, emails, web browser history GPRS tracking and chats on a wide range of social media sites.

Once installed on the target phone every activity can be viewed in one place – your online account’s dashboard!

You can start using mSpy on devices running iOS (iPhone) and Android OS. Including tablet devices.

It will allow you to:

  • Track Facebook messages and photos, and view the multimedia content that has been sent or received on Facebook. This is done in real time, so you’ll get a complete visualization of all data shared with others.
  • Keep a constant watch on chats and calls placed via Messenger, so you will never miss out on anything important. All of the data from these activities will be displayed in one secure reporting dashboard.
  • View multimedia content shared via Messenger. This includes photos, videos, and voice files. If your child or employee has been communicating with others through Messenger, mSpy can help you track these conversations in an easy way.
  • Find someone’s location on Facebook. There is real time GPRS tracking allowing you to see where they are at all times.

mSpy is a powerful application that will show you everything shared through Messenger on your child/employee’s smartphone or tablet. This means you can keep an eye on things no matter how they interact online.

The tracking of Messenger is great for monitoring teenagers, as it will give you a clear view of what’s going on in their lives. In most cases this includes sharing private information with friends and acquaintances – something they don’t want parents to know about!

Another instance where mSpy can be used is when an employee has been sending inappropriate messages to others, or has been using work smartphones for their own personal reasons.

As you can see, there are many instances where mSpy can be used to monitor or hack Facebook. It is a highly recommended software that will allow you to keep track of everything your child/employee does on social media sites.

mSpy is easy to install on any device – simply download it onto the target phone. It only takes a few minutes, and after it’s done you will be able to keep track of their activity 24/7!

Once installed, it will keep working in the background without your child/employee ever knowing about it!

Manually Find Hidden Facebook Messages

You can manually look for someone’s secret conversations if you have their user ID and password or you can get their phone already logged in. Of course this might be fine if you are monitoring your young kids Facebook activity.

Simply log into their account and click on their messages icon. This will list all their messages for you to read. I have a useful guide explaining what the different symbols mean in Facebook Messenger showing their status as read or received.

Just be aware – if they have messages or secret conversations with people who are not in their friends list they will not show here. To see those you need to click on their messages icon then select “message requests” and “see filtered requests“.

This will show all messages from non friends. All parents especially should be aware of this feature. You need to know who is contacting them.

In the End

You can use the above methods to view secret conversations on Facebook. If you are a parent, this is an important feature that should be checked regularly. Your kids may not want you looking through their private conversations or chats with people who aren’t in their friends list! But as a parent you should track their conversations to keep them safe.

Using a monitoring app can offer the perfect solution and peace of mind. mSpy has the ability to monitor Messenger and keep track of your child/employee’s activity 24 hours per day. If you don’t have full access to their username and password, this is your best option.

Thanks for reading.

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