How to Hack Someones Facebook Account the Easy Way in 2024

Welcome to my main guide which will teach you how to hack someone’s Facebook account easily and completely. You don’t need to be a technical expert but you do need to avoid Facebook hacking scams.

I’ll look at who and why people would want to hack someones Facebook account and password in the first place then cover ways to do this that really work.

This is a main section and it will link out to other Facebook hacks discussed on this website giving you a great in-depth resource.

I’ll also cover the so-called Free Facebook hacking tools that seem to be all over the internet right now and explain how these are basically worthless scams!

No, they will not reveal anyone’s password!

As always here on I only cover legal and ethical hacking. It is legal to monitor Facebook on your children’s mobile phones for example but you can’t legally spy on your wife’s or husband’s FB account!

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Why Hack Facebook?

If you’ve had a look around this website you’ll have noticed that I write a lot about online security and keeping your kids safe online. One way to protect them is to keep watch over their online activities.

Many parents have turned to using spy apps or monitoring software in order to know what they are doing. You don’t need to invade their privacy totally but having the tools to know what is going on or if you have specific concerns, can save a lot of heartache.

With the popularity of Facebook and how people use it for messages, you can’t really keep an eye on activity if you don’t monitor it. If you are monitoring your kids’ online behavior you must be able to see what they are up to on their account.

This main guide should be read alongside my other Facebook hacking articles:

The Best Facebook Hacker Apps – covers my main recommended apps for gaining access to someone’s Facebook. And of course, I explain how to see someone’s Facebook messages inbox.

Facebook Messenger Spy Apps looks at how you can spy on everything they do on the Facebook messenger platform, not just Facebook!

Have a look through all the information to get an in-depth picture of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to hacking Facebook.

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How To Hack a Facebook Account Without Password

Can you hack into someone else’s Facebook account without having their password? I get this question all the time. The Easy method I go into next will explain how this is possible.

Using this method you can in fact hack their Facebook account without knowing their password or user ID. You can even use this to find out their Facebook password! Top tip – this will work for Facebook Messenger as well! So keep reading.

But don’t be fooled – many sites claim you can do this using free Facebook hacking tools online – I also explain how this does not work!

The Easy Facebook Hack Method

If you search online for Facebook hacking articles you will see lots of websites claiming they can do this but I have done a lot of research on this. In the next section I will explain what is happening, but first, let’s look at what really works!

The best and easiest method for hacking someone’s Facebook account and password is by using a good quality spy app.

Using spy apps to hack into Facebook gives you complete access to everything they do on Facebook’s platform including all messages sent and received on Facebook Messenger.

They are easy to use and can be completely hidden so that they don’t know you are monitoring their activity. Most importantly, this method actually works.

Let’s take a look at the spy apps that I can recommend fully – because I use them and test them myself and have done so for years now.

How to Hack Into Someone’s Facebook Account Using mSpy

mSpy is the best-selling spy app on the market with over 1 million registered users. For most people needing to monitor all activity on Facebook mSpy will be your best option.

It has been around for years now and has proved reliable and advanced – with new features released regularly. Reliability is really important when choosing a spy app as there are many that do not work as promised. I can’t stress this enough!

It is available for Android phones and the Apple iPhone including their tablet versions. All you need is an internet connection and you can quickly install the app on the target phone.

Great news – I have a special discount for my readers to get mSpy at the following link:

For regular spy apps, you do need physical access to the phone for at least a few minutes. mSpy does have a No Jailbreak version for monitoring Apple devices. For this version, there is no software to install so it can often be done remotely.

The No Jailbreak version works by monitoring the phone backups sent to the user’s iCloud account. To use it you need to have their iCloud username and password. This method will also work for monitoring Facebook activity.

Once installed the app allows you to hack into Facebook completely and in secret (the app is very well hidden from the user). Everything they do on Facebook is logged and reported to the online dashboard.

It will report all activity on Facebook Messenger. Here you will see every message, photo, and video shared on the app. Even if they send secret messages or delete the messages after sending, they will still be logged and reported.

You sign in to the online control panel (reporting dashboard) from any internet connection including your own phone – from anywhere at any time. Here you will see everything including messages sent and received.

You don’t need to have the target phone again and all reporting is done remotely.

Hack Their FB Password Using mSpy

As I have discussed, the mSpy app will allow you to see everything happening on the target’s account but it can also reveal or crack someone’s Facebook password, username, and the email they use with Facebook.

mSpy doesn’t give you the password directly but it has a keylogger feature that records every keystroke typed into the keypad on the phone. You can easily hack someone’s Facebook password, User ID, and email using the keylogger.

This will give you full access to their account – you can use the details to log in to their account and have a look around for any worrying activity on Facebook.

In my opinion, mSpy gives you the best set of tools available to hack someone’s Facebook account without a password and it also allows you to easily find their password if you need to.

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What Else Can mSpy Do?

Of course, mSpy allows you to do so much more than just monitor someone’s Facebook account. The mSpy app allows you to hack their phone – if you hack their phone you have access to everything they do on the phone – not just Facebook.

All social media accounts and messenger apps, all text messages sent and received, logs of all phone calls, and GPRS tracking features – access to their browser history.

They have a long list of features available.

I cover the main features in my main review. It also explains how the No Jailbreak version works. I have tested mSpy for hacking into Facebook and it works very well.

Using FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is another high quality spy app that I recommend on It has a long track record in the spy app market and has proved reliable. mSpy and FlexiSPY work in similar ways and share many of the same features. There are a few differences though.

FlexiSPY does not have a No Jailbreak version for the iPhone.

For hacking Facebook on an iPhone using FlexiSPY you must Jailbreak it first. This is a problem for many users. There is no working Jailbreak available for the latest versions of the Apple iPhone.

One workaround is to use a tethered Jailbreak but this has some limitations. I explain all on my main FlexiSPY page here.

This makes FlexiSPY best suited to hacking Facebook on Android devices. Another key difference with FlexiSPY is the ability to listen to live calls and even record calls. This also works for calls made using Facebook Messenger!

It is a very advanced feature and is only available on the most expensive product – FlexiSPY Extreme. If you want to be able to listen to calls made on Facebook this is the app for you.

In terms of general reporting FlexiSpy and mSpy work in much the same way. You can see Facebook messages, reveal their password, read text messages, and all activity. Then of course you have all the extra spy app features.

Like the mSpy app, FlexiSPY can be hidden from the user and they will not know they have been hacked. Have a look at FlexiSPY here and see what you think.

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Other Hacking Apps?

There are a number of phone spy apps that claim to monitor Facebook but you do need to be careful. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scam programs around.

I only recommend a small number of spy phone software programs on this website – ones I have tested personally and can stand behind. Don’t believe everything you read online about these other apps to monitor Facebook. Do some careful research and choose wisely!

Remember that phone spy software offers the easy way to hack someone else’s Facebook account.

Free Online Facebook Hacking Tools – No Survey?

If you search this subject looking for free online Facebook hacking tools you’ll notice a substantial group of websites. Some even look quite similar and they have the same operating principle. To scam you and make money.

They claim that all you need to do is enter the name / Facebook ID of the person whose account you want to hack. Then they will magically collect all their Facebook activity and you can download it to see everything!

Some claim they will reveal the Facebook password so you can then login and see their account.

Sounds great – sounds too good to be true? I have personally tested a number of these sites and they all follow a similar pattern. First off the sites make an effort to look legitimate – often showing testimonials and comments from satisfied customers.

This is designed to gain your confidence but it is easily faked. So you enter the Facebook ID you want to hack.

Now the screen will look like it is doing things. There might be a status bar loading or notices that “verification is working” or “hacking in progress“. They are clever – people love to see something happening while they wait. This must be legit because all this stuff is happening!

When it stops you get a notification Complete or “Congratulations Facebook has been hacked successfully!” And a button to click – to get your hacked password or data.

This is where the fun starts. You think you are so close to getting the information you need – you are excited! You click to see your data and you get a popup – to get your information all you need to do is fill out this 2-minute survey!

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The offer may change slightly between sites but the trick is the same. You must fill out a survey or click on some ads. In the interests of investigation, I have tried a number of these and gone through the surveys.

Of course, you usually need to enter your best email. I used a disposable email to stay safe. Guess what – after all this, they don’t provide any Facebook data. No Facebook password, no activity. Most came up with an “error” in the browser or try again notice.

What’s going on? I’m afraid this is an old internet scam with a modern twist. They hook you in promising to provide secret data that you really want.

They make it all look legitimate and show the progress. Now you are close and your defenses are down.

You fill out a survey and give your email – something you wouldn’t have done at the start. Classic marketing! No Facebook information is provided because the whole thing is fake.

They make money from the survey you fill out. The company behind the survey has your best email and will now sell that on to other marketers or try to sell to you directly.

This is a very lucrative scam and unfortunately these sites or “tools” are all over the search results. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle – Do Not use these tools. They do not work!

These scam tools target many of the main messenger type apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kik, and Telegram. Avoid them all.

I have yet to hear from Anyone who has managed to get any Facebook data using these methods. I think that speaks volumes. Have a look at my guide on the best iPhone Hacking tools for those recommended for Apple devices and then my guide on Android hacking apps.

Don’t be a victim of the scammers – stick to reliable programs!

Can You Hack Facebook for Free?

The above examples should be enough to put you on your guard. They claim to be free ways to hack someone’s Facebook. We all love to get something for free, don’t we?

I’ll break it to you gently. You will not find a way to monitor Facebook for free and any site that says you can should be avoided.

Other Ways to Hack Someone’s Account

I’ve covered some ways to monitor Facebook that actually work – using spy apps. I’ve also covered the scam online tools that do not work.

There are other ways that your account can be hacked but most will not help you as a parent trying to monitor your kid’s Facebook account! Let’s have a look now.

Public Facebook Data Breaches

Like many large websites and corporations, Facebook has been targeted in the past by hackers. These are public hacks – where hackers target the website to steal users’ information.

Of course, we are all vulnerable to these hacks and they seem to be happening more often. It’s a battle between companies and hackers as they try to outdo each other.

These types of Facebook hacking are not targeted at any single individual but are attempts at mass gathering of information.

They are still dangerous, potentially exposing financial data and invading our privacy. In most cases of public hacks, the company will tell you to change passwords and usernames and often this is enough to secure your account going forward.

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Phishing Attacks Targeting FB

Phishing is a well documented method of hacking and has been around for years in different forms. Again a phishing attack is unlikely to be used to target an individual. They are usually set up to gather information by casting a wide net.

They can be complex and take a lot of effort on behalf of the hackers. To be worth their while they tend to target a large group of people.

Phishing scams can take various forms but the basic principle is the same in most cases. The hackers set up fake websites or login screens to mimic the site being targeted – in this case Facebook.

They send out mass emails asking people to change passwords and directing them to the fake page. If you do this they will have your login details and your accounts can be hacked.

They target all sorts of sites but financial sites are the most lucrative for them. Banks, credit card companies, and PayPal have been popular targets. They have been used to target less secure accounts such as Facebook and Snapchat. Always make sure any messages you receive are from trusted contacts before you reply.

Hacking one Facebook account can often give common passwords used for other accounts. Due to the complexity of setting up phishing scams, it is an unlikely way for someone to target your Facebook account individually.

Have a look at this site – it lists some recent phishing hack data.

Phone Hacking

If someone manages to hack your cell phone they can potentially access everything on the phone. They can use this to get into your Facebook.

A hacked Facebook account can be serious. Think of everything you do on your phone and then think how a hacked phone can compromise everything!

As I mentioned before cell phone spy apps are one way your phone can be hacked easily … and so too your Facebook account.

I have an in-depth guide on Phone Hacking – it covers many different ways that your phone can be targeted. Your cell phone is probably the most vulnerable point in your online security.

What to Do if Your Facebook is Hacked

Having your Facebook account hacked is a scary thought for many people but there are things you can do. A lot depends on the method used to perform the hack in the first place.

I have a guide on how to tell if your Facebook is hacked which covers signs to look for. You should also check out my article on how to tell if your cell phone is hacked. Both these will help you to see what kind of hacking you are dealing with and address the issues.

If the leak is a public data breach Facebook will likely contact you and tell you to change your password. This should be good enough to secure your account in the future but of course, your data could have already been used. Unfortunately, these security problems have happened on Facebook in the past – and will probably happen again.

You should change all sensitive passwords – things like your bank accounts and credit cards. After any public data leak, you should take these extra steps to secure your phone and accounts.

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If your account has been hacked by a phishing scam or other broadly targeted methods you should immediately change and secure all important accounts. Closely monitor your financial accounts and notify your banks if you are concerned.

If you think you have been hacked by a spy app there are ways to solve your problems. I have a lot of resources on online security here.

Spy apps can be removed easily by performing a factory reset on your cell phone. I have a detailed guide on how to remove spy apps and also a great guide on ways to unhack your cell phone. Use both these articles to get a clear understanding of how to get rid of hackers.

Security is a big part of this website with lots of helpful resources. If you are really struggling I have a Premium Security Ebook that covers step-by-step everything you will need to know to find, remove, and stop spy apps. So far it has helped over 1,000 readers!

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To Sum Up

When it comes to hacking someones Facebook account and password you must understand the legal implications. Most hacking methods are illegal. I only recommend legal and ethical hacking – as in parents protecting their children from online dangers.

Whatever your motivation to hack someone’s Facebook account, stay legal and avoid the scams. Spy apps offer a working method suitable for most people’s needs. They are practical and actually get the job done but you must choose a reliable spy app.

Don’t forget to check out my Hacking resources on this site and my other Facebook related articles.

Thanks for reading.

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