Highster Mobile Review – How it Performs in 2022

Time for my Highster Mobile review – this spy phone app has been around for years now with both good and bad reports online. So what’s the truth about this app? Not all Highster reviews can be trusted but I hope you will trust mine!

Does Highster mobile work as expected (or claimed)? Is it reliable? Does it make my recommended list of proven spy software apps?

All will be revealed so please keep reading.

Not Recommended

Remember that I only recommend a few top rated phone spy apps such as mSpy and FlexiSPY – read those reviews before buying any other app.
Find out all about the mspy app here and check this guide on FlexiSPYbefore making any decisions. My new Look at uMobix is a well priced alternative to consider. I also have a FAQ page for the mSpy app here.

You need to ask – does any other spy phone app offer more than these – is it better value and why would you chose a product with a dubious reputation. I’ll hopefully answer your questions below.

highster mobile reviews

Why Use Highster to Spy?

Nowadays, we live in an entirely open world. The internet has made it possible to travel across oceans in a matter of seconds. You can communicate with someone on the other side of the earth as simply as you blink an eye.

A person with internet access is subjected to enormous loads of information, not all are the good kind either.

If you leave your kids to freely roam the web, who knows what type of people could be reaching out to them? Or trying to talk them into whatever?

What guarantees they’re not being shown explicit, violent, or harmful content that could affect their character build up, or even worse?

What about your employees? If you’re in charge of a group of coworkers, then you probably thought about the possibility of being able to monitor their online activity on working hours after struggling with a certain drop in your team’s output.

Are they wasting resources on social media? Or perhaps texting their shifts away?

Well, if any of these scenarios is a concern of yours, then you’re in need for stealthy surveillance. Highster mobile provides exactly that, as a powerful spy software for cell phones.

It lets you see everything going on some else’s mobile or tablet without them ever knowing. Read on to find all about this app, its features, cons, and what sets it apart.

Highster Mobile Features

Before deciding to purchase a spying software, you have to know what it offers you. Highster presents you with lots of features which we’ll be going through together.

Text messaging tracking

If you look around you, at home or outside, I bet you’ll find someone with their phone in hand texting. The widely popular messaging form is used by people in the same room, at the same table even.

Highster enables you to completely track any SMS activity. This means you can review sent and received messages, deleted texts, receiver and sender numbers, dates, and all types of media content such as photos, videos, and audio.

Phone calls monitoring

From the moment phone calls came to life, they became an integral part of our daily routines. The call log monitoring feature lets you tap into the phone call activity on your target mobile, the least a spying app should be able to do.

Highster lets you see incoming and outgoing calls, their corresponding numbers, and when the calls where made. You can also view their dates, how long they lasted, and of course record those calls. Additionally, you get a downloadable transcript of all call activities.


This one is for those of us who need to look beyond regular carrier texts. The Highster iMessage monitoring feature enables you to record all messages sent and received from advanced mobiles such as an iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Instead of texting via courier service, these devices use iMessaging.

Photo and Video log

Cameras can be the main attraction for mobile phones. Everyone uses them to document whatever moment they want with an image. Spy apps allow you to effectively hack a phones camera completely.

All photos and videos stored on your targeted phone, including ones taken with the mobile’s camera, will be downloaded from their phone to your PC or device control panel where you’ll be able to view them.

You’ll also get any related information, such as the time and date they were taken, as well as the geolocation.

GPS location tracking

Highster uses GPS technology to deliver accurate real-time information about the exact location of the phone you’re targeting. The GPS positions are uploaded in regular intervals into Google Maps so you can instantly view them.

We’re not talking only about the current location of a phone, but also you get to know all the places the target mobile has been at over particular times. Just apply the history tracing option on your control panel and enjoy the knowledge.

Such a feature comes pretty handily if you want to know the whereabouts of your kid or make sure employees actually spend their time on official work, not personal matters.

It’s also most beneficial in case the phone gets stolen or lost as you can know its physical location. See my article about How to Track a Cell Phone for more details of the best apps to do this.

Live Control Panel

We keep bringing up the control panel in previous features, but what exactly is it?

Just as the name suggests, it’s a panel where you can basically control every single feature with all the related settings, including time triggers. You get convenient and secret access to all the details linked to the phone you’re monitoring.

The Highster control panel is regarded by reviewers as super sophisticated yet friendly and easy to interact with. Earning an impressive reputation, it was designed with simplicity in mind, making it quite the appeal to common users.

Email access

You didn’t think email it’d be overlooked, did you?

With the Highster software, you get to secretly monitor all the emails sent and received on the target’s phone, email addresses of participants and contact information. It goes without saying, you can read the content of messages whether text or attachments.

Social Media Monitoring

You know you’ve been waiting for this one, we all have!

monitor social media

There’s no denying how involved we’re with social media apps, so much so that they impose a degree of danger due to their extreme popularity. Living in the age of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram and the rest of the seemingly endless list, looking at regular SMS, emails and call logs isn’t going to cut it.

Hacking a FB account has never been easier allowing you to see everything and read their FB messages!

Highster Mobile allows you to view all the phone’s activities on social platforms. This is great for keeping an eye on who exactly is talking to your young ones, see if they’re actually studying, as well as monitoring employees holding their phones suspiciously a lot.


Setting up spy apps can be very frustrating as most of them work on a few selected devices or operating systems. However, with Highster Mobile, this isn’t nearly an issue. This software will run on just about any device on the market operated by Android or iOS systems. It also supports Windows and Java-enabled phones.

For iPhone users have a look at my list of the best iPhone hacking apps and then for Android users try my best Android Hacker Apps – lots more information to help make your choice there.

Contacts information

Any piece of information related to all contacts on the targeted phone is available to you in full detail. This includes names, numbers, addresses, and any additional data entered along when the contact was created.

Keyword search alert

On your dashboard, there’s an option you can request to get notified whenever a particular word is typed into the target phone. For example, words like “alcohol”, “sex”, or “drugs” can be an indicator of a serious problem that you can interfere with.

Once this chosen word is entered into the phone, you’ll immediately receive a notification with it.

The Cons

Although Highster Mobile is generally a rather smooth ride, you may encounter some hiccups. While the purchasing process itself is easy and secure, Highster, unfortunately, doesn’t provide any discount coupons or offers.

Jailbreaking can be quite the painful part on your road to installing the Highster app. Once done though, you shouldn’t have any problems working the software.

It’s worth noting that Highster Mobile does offer a version that doesn’t require this extra step of rooting or jail breaking.

Despite being simple, downloading the app takes a tad longer than average. This is because you have to make sure you’re choosing the correct operating system after going to the main installation menu. Once you do that, the download becomes ready and available.

Installing the Highster app on an individual’s devices without their consent is illegal unless they’re your children (below 18). If it’s for staff supervision, then it’s legal with stipulations.

What makes the Highster Mobile software special?

All the previously mentioned features undoubtedly make for nice solid monitoring app that allows you to hack a cell phone easily. But to stand out, there are a few particular features Highster offers that we’re going to discuss.


The internet never sleeps and browsing it never stops. Highster provides full access to browsing activities on the phone you’re targeting. This app grants you complete access to all activities related to browsing.

You’ll know the full history of the mobile’s browser, which means any site that was visited will appear on your control panel. Also, any bookmarks that have been saved will be at your fingertips.

This enlightening feature is ideal to figure out what type of sites your kids, especially teens, are surfing. For business owners, this too can be really helpful for finding out if your employees are wasting their time online during working hours. Browsing history provides great evidence materials to support such claims.

Additionally, you can block certain websites that you redeem inappropriate for your kids or for the work environment.

Remote Camera

Do you ever find yourself wanting to know what’s going on around your target? Who they’re with?

Well, using the hidden camera option on the Highster app Mobile, you can easily gain access to the camera on your targeted device. This allows you to remotely activate the camera function and take pictures or videos. Then, only you can view them on your device online without your target ever knowing.

This feature is extremely popular and makes mobile tracing that much effective.

Total apps control

The Highster Mobile gives you utter control over apps on your target’s device. You get to find out all about the apps existing on their phone, installed and running. So you can know what apps your target is using, including gambling and adult themed ones.

social media apps

Consequently, you have the power to restrict or block their access to specific apps that you don’t them opening or installing. You can even take matters into your hands and uninstall any app you find inappropriate.

You can clearly see how such control would be helpful for parental or professional supervision.

Even the Highster app itself can be remotely uninstalled via the control panel if you no longer need to monitor the target device or have any other reason to delete the spying software.

Final thoughts

If you’re like me, in the market for a reliable and trusted monitoring app, you’ll be very pleased with the Highster Mobile app.

As a parent and an employer, it offers me efficient monitoring of my children’s and employee’s online activities at any given time, with constant development for the easiest control. I also get to install it on as many target devices as I wish.

It doesn’t cost me that much either compared to other mobile monitoring software. I don’t have to pay any sort of monthly subscription fee. The 24/7 live chat technical agents are also pretty helpful, especially with my installation questions.

The app itself doesn’t take any significant space on my phone, about 2 MB, and all the features run without problems.

All in all, I think the Highster Mobile app is a powerful spying software with an extensive thorough list of capabilities and features that should cater to your monitoring needs while being cost-effective.

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