How to Track a Cell Phone – The Easy Guide

Finding out how to track a cell phone doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact this easy to follow guide will show you various ways to monitor and track someone’s phone – without any great tech skills.

Anyone can do this and it doesn’t cost much!

Sometimes you just have to follow your gut feeling. Are you worried that someone is bothering your child or sending them inappropriate messages? Do you feel that your partner is acting strange?

Most of the feelings we get about the people we care about are true. We know them very well and we care about them, and a tracking application will enable you to know information that you’ve got no access to.

Don’t raise suspicions and stay undetected by installing only recommended, good quality spy apps to help you track any cell phone. You just have to install the app to the phone and it will send you all the important information.

It’s the age of technology and you must make good use of it.

On this website I have only a few recommended spy apps that I test and continue to use. If you are serious about tracking a cell phone – take a look at my top reviews.

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Stay In Touch

Your phone carries so much private information that you don’t want to share with anyone. At the same time, there are other situations when you want to know what’s going on behind your back.

Here are some reasons why you should pick mSpy and start tracking a cell phone right now.

1. Prevent Cyber-bullying

Using mSpy to track your child’s cell phone is a potent way to make sure that your child is always safe. There is an alarming increase in the rate of suicide among children and teens and it’s your job as a parent to guarantee your little one’s safety.

Being invisible while tracking your children’s mobile phone activity will help you identify threats and take action before it’s too late. There are some people who think that it’s an invasion of privacy, but the truth is that most kids can be cyber-bullied and too scared or shy to ask for help.

Research shows that more than 40% of teens with access to technology are subject to cyber-bullying. Wouldn’t it be great if you could intervene when this happens?

Kids and teens suffer in silence when other kids are bullying them. They will skip school, avoid gatherings or even become physically sick.

If your child is too shy to share what’s going on with their lives, then it’s your duty to intervene and act appropriately. A tracking app will help you take action when possible.

2. Tracking Employee Phones

Employers and business owners might give an employee a cell phone for work purposes. It’s an excellent idea to have a tool that will enable you to check the phone’s activity to make sure that’s used for business purposes.

Unfortunately, some employees don’t tell the truth and you as a business owner wants to make sure that they’re where they tell you they are, especially if you’re away from the office.

An employee who tells you that they’re working hard might be chilling at home. This will cost you money because you’re paying for their time.

As a business owner, you want to know that the people you trust with your money and business operations aren’t lying and spyware enables you to do that wherever you are.

3. Know if your Spouse is Faithful

track partner

Let’s face it. No one wants to feel that their partner isn’t faithful. Unfortunately, people cheat and they do this knowing that they can’t get caught.

The technology is currently abused by people who take advantage of their unsuspecting spouses or partners. They can be chatting with someone else, knowing that their partner would never know.

If you need to know what your partner is doing behind your back, then you need an app that’s trustworthy and easy to use. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to know how to use it.

Such information can help you get out of a toxic relationship before it’s too late. It also saves you lots of time and effort spent with the wrong person. Moving on from a bad relationship will open up the appropriate space for the right person to appear in your life and make things right.

At the same time, if you’re wrong and treating your partner in a bad way because you think they’re cheating and unfaithful, then you’ll be happy to have spyware that you can access without your partner knowing.

You could be wrong, and a good app will help you rest assured that things aren’t the way you think they are.

When you’re using an app to track another cell phone, it’s important to pick a program that the other person is unable to detect. If they ever know that you’re spying on them, you’ll be in bigger trouble.

As a matter of fact, a cheating spouse or partner might use this piece of information against you.

A trustworthy and practical app to track another cell phone can be the winning card to use in a custody battle or the ultimate tool to prove that your worries aren’t real.

4. Track Your Child’s Phone Behavior

At a certain age, your child will be curious about sex. You want them to turn to you and ask for advice instead of checking untrustworthy porn websites.

These porn websites are full of people that you don’t want your child to get in touch with. A good app will help you track your child’s cell phone without them knowing that you’re checking their online activity.

If you expose yourself and tell them that you’ve checked their phone, they will lose trust in you forever. Moreover, they will always update their passwords and you won’t be able to access their devices.

This is an excellent way to give children indirect advice about proper behavior. At a certain age, kids and teens will become reluctant to receiving advice from parents and other adults.

At the same time, you can intervene if someone is contacting your child. We owe it to our families to keep them safe and a trustworthy app like mSpy is the tool to achieve this. See my mSpy Questions page – it covers many frequently asked questions.

Choosing the Tracking Apps

Lots of people depend on spyware programs to gain information that they find valuable. However, some of these programs are not that practical to use.

If a program lets the other person know that their phone is being monitored, they will become cautious. They won’t act as they would normally do, which means that the program is useless.

Moreover, they might even get another phone to do whatever they want to do behind your back. In this case, they will also know that you suspect them and they might use this to turn the tables on you.

Some people aren’t that good with computers and technology, but they still want to know what their partners and kids are doing when they’re not around. At the same time, they don’t want the other person to know that someone has access to their cell phone activity and information.

You don’t want to buy a spyware application that the other person’s phone doesn’t support. This will be a waste of time, energy, and money. Moreover, you might not be able to pay lots of cash to gain access and track another cell phone.

This is why you should be careful about picking the spyware you will use to track a cell phone whenever you like and wherever you are. Here are some features to take into consideration.

Easy to Install and Use

You want to know things and you want to know them now. Pick spyware program that’s easy to install and use, even if you’re not that good with computers.

mSpy doesn’t cost lots of cash, yet provides you with innovative features that will come in handy when you want to track a cell phone. You can read messages, check call logs, review the browsing history, and make sure that the phone is being used as intended.

FlexiSPY have an extra installation service – great if you are not confident. I talk about this service in my FlexiSPY questions page here.

Stay Undetectable

If the spyware program is detected by the other person’s phone, then you’re in big trouble. Your spouse will fight with you and your employee might quit their job. You just want to know what’s going on so you can take proper action.

You need a program that can be easily installed to the target phone. mSpy is your choice because you need nothing but legal access to the other person’s phone. This insignificant piece of information grants you access to their call log, messages, and other important data.

The other person won’t know unless you tell them. This means that you can keep using your tracking app as long as you want to.

mSpy also have a no Jailbreak version for the iPhone. See my article on how to read WhatsApp messages without having physical access to the phone for more details on how this works.

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Know Where and When

What if the other person isn’t using their phone? Some people are extremely cautious. They might even have a spare phone that you know nothing about.

If this is the case, then you need an app to help you locate the phone even when they’re not using it. Once you buy a reliable tracking app, you’ll have access to all the details concerning the other phone.

Using a reliable tracking device will enable you to check the contact list of the other person. An employee wouldn’t lie telling you that they’re using the company’s phone for work purposes only. A partner can’t tell you that they’ve been talking to a relative for hours.

You can even check notes, calendar events, and read the text messages sent and received at the comfort of your home. The best part is that no one will ever know that you have access to this valuable information.

Your data might be a little delayed if the other phone is switched off, like when the person is on a plane. You’ll know when they’ve landed safely because this innovative app will save all the information and send them to you on the spot.

Compatible with Various Operating Systems

Cell phones keep on evolving and it might be difficult to know which operating system the other person is using. Your best bet is a tracking app that’s compatible with IOS and Android.

Even if the other person has updated their software; they won’t be able to detect your tracking app. You can see the location of the other phone, check their online activity, and know when they’ve had their last call and who they called.

Check Social Media

While this might be an advanced feature, lots of people think that it’s worth the price. Today, people have several accounts on Viber, Facebook, SnapChat, and more. Moreover, they have several online personas to go with the app they’re using.

If you want to know what your child or partner is doing when they go online, then you need to take your tracking game up a notch. However, you will need to have the other person’s phone to install this advanced version and check these third-party apps. Nevertheless, there is no limit to what you can learn using this amazing feature.

Find out how using a tracking app can allow you to:

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Hack into someone’s Instagram account

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These hacking guides explain everything in detail on how to use these apps – and they look at other ways people can access your phone data and potentially track your device.

Feeling Suspicious or Worried? It’s Time to Act

Human beings are always interested in knowledge. This desire is the reason why people dive into the deep oceans or try to reach other planets.

In the age of technology, there are several ways that can help you know what is going on even when you’re not present. This is why lots of people are looking for the best way to track a cell phone.

Don’t waste time or energy. If you’re wondering how to track a cell phone, then you’ve got the answer.

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