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Does Hoverwatch spy make my top list? You need to read on to find out …. but before you make any decision check out my mSpy Review and find out why mSpy is recommended.

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HoverWatch reviews

At some point, you probably thought spying on someone’s phone is impossible. Well, not anymore! Nowadays, multiple companies have released several apps offering you the ability to monitor activities on targeted phones.

This is great news for all the concerned parents out there trying to keep an eye on their kids as they surf the internet, with all the suspicious sites and people opposing safety threats.

Also, if you’re an employer, making sure your employees are on track and not wasting work hours browsing social media, for example, is most likely something you’d want.

It might come in handy, as well, if you’re in a relationship where your partner is being too shady.

All those scenarios call for a reliable trust-worthy app that lets you watch over phones of your choice, which is where HoverWatch comes in. An efficient spying app which we’ll be taking a deeper look at today. So without further ado, let’s hop in!

What do you get using HoverWatch?

As a spying software, HoverWatch offers all sorts of cool useful features so you can have an all-around fruitful monitoring outcome.

Call Recording

You might think calls are off-limits for a monitoring app, but not this time. HoverWatch actually provides you with a copy of the audio recording of the conversation which means you can listen to them whenever you want.

You can check if your employees are leaking confidential information or if your kid is up talking on the phone when they shouldn’t be.

This feature also provides you with the date and time of the call, how long it lasted, as well as the participant number and name. Additionally, you can know the type of call; incoming or outgoing, and where it took place if the geolocation option is enabled.

Calls pack so much more information than texts and you can learn a lot from such access. All you have to do is turn on this feature (disabled by default) and the data will be saved and served on your dashboard.

Internet History

With tons of websites loaded with compromising content, one of the most useful features that can seriously tell you a lot is internet history tracking.

HoverWatch saves a detailed list of websites visited by your targeted phone with the exact timing, not just those accessed via the default browser though, but also ones opened using Google Chrome. This option is enabled by default, so you can instantaneously start using it.

For kids as well as teens, this option is super helpful for you as a parent. You can always be aware of the kind of content they’re subjected to and take actions accordingly.

For employees, the internet is a constant distraction that you can definitely do without. This is why knowing what they’re up to when you’re not looking is a pretty appealing idea.

SMS Tracking

While it’s obvious how popular instant messaging is, many people still use the old SMS via carriers, which is why you want to be able to monitor what’s in those texts.

HoverWatch allows you to view all content sent and received on your target’s phone, even photos and videos. You also get to know the numbers of participants with an accurate time stamp.

Using this feature, you no longer have to wonder what your kids are typing all the time or if your employees are really working on their phones. It also works on iMessage, Apple’s own text service.

Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, and the List goes on

We all know social media is basically the heart and soul of online communication. Everybody uses them, no matter their age, which means so much information you can learn if you can track messages on those platforms.

This feature grants you access to all outgoing and incoming texts, including pictures, audio recordings, and videos. Now you can spy on their Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and Viber chats in complete secrecy.

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Does Hover Watch make my list of Facebook hacking tools? – read more to find out.

Location Tracking

track location

Another extremely valuable feature presented by HoverWatch is location tracking. Did you ever wonder if your kids are skipping classes or sneaking out? Are you suspicious of the places your employers go during working hours?

Well, since you can’t control them or constantly follow them around, HoverWatch can do it on your behalf. This is most beneficial too if the targeted phone gets stolen.

The app tells you the exact location of the targeted device even if they have the Wi-Fi and GPS turned off. That’s possible because HoverWatch uses the closest cell phone towers (GSM) to extract the needed location details.

Moreover, you can track the route of commute right on your map. Geo-locations, where your targeted phone has been to, are marked with blue dots which gradually turn red if they repeatedly go to the same place.

You can easily change the frequency of this feature from your account and you don’t have to root your own mobile phone to use it. Find out more about tracking a cell phone in this detailed guide.

Contact Details

The HoverWatch app provides you with full data related to contacts on the target’s device. You get quick access to all saves contacts and whenever a new contact is created, it’s automatically uploaded to the HoverWatch server.

On top of that, all information corresponding to those contacts such as numbers, addresses, and emails are saved on the control panel.

Knowing the actual names of people your employees or kids are talking to, helps you better understand the situations you’re facing.

Monitoring To-Do Lists and Notes

If like me, you love being a step ahead, then you’ll be particularly pleased with this feature. You can constantly keep up with your targeted individual’s plans by tracking their notes, schedules, appointments, and reminders.

You’ll be able to view their list and full agenda whether independently or using the calendar.

HoverWatch backs up all this information for you to view anytime, requiring no rooting.

Stealth Mode

The whole point of a spy program is to remain undetected. HoverWatch is no different, offering excellent tracking in stealth mode. You’d be sent a confidential pin code which you’ll be asked to enter whenever you want to access your targeted device.

Being invisible helps you achieve efficient monitoring knowing that your kid or employee didn’t change their behavior just because you’re watching.

Key Logging

With this feature for Mac, you get access to every single word typed on the keyboard of targeted devices by the user. This includes search input, log in details, and passwords.

The Drawbacks

Although highly dependable and secure, a huge con that appears with the HoverWatch is its compatibility limitations. Right now, All Android, Windows, and Mac devices are supported. However, there’s no iPhone version available yet. Check out the best hacking apps for iPhones here.

You can’t remotely block the targeted device from installing specific apps or visiting certain websites.

Unfortunately, this software doesn’t allow for recording Skype conversations. Then again, this may not be too bad considering other social interaction platforms are more popular.

What makes HoverWatch special?

Some unique features on the HoverWatch really overshine the various spying applications on the market. Here, we’ll be going through them together.

SIM Card Change Detection

Despite using multiple SIM cards is becoming fairly common, sometimes it’s quite suspicious, especially if there’s no solid reasoning behind it. With this thought in mind, HoverWatch designed this app to continue functioning smoothly even if the targeted individual decides to switch SIM cards.

Once a change happens, a notification appears immediately on the user panel and you can view it from any device with an internet connection. Such a feature also works really well in helping find a missing targeted device.

capture selfie

Selfie Capture

Anyone using a phone is usually within the front camera’s range. Let’s say the device you’re monitoring gets stolen, wouldn’t it be nice to have a photo of the thief’s face? How about knowing who is using a shared phone at a given moment?

Using the phone camera hacking feature, the app takes a selfie picture every time a person unlocks the targeted phone. All images are stored on the user control panel and you can view them from any device with internet access, rooting isn’t required either. However, you do need to activate the “Front Camera Photos” option.

Screenshots Saving

A rather interesting feature HoverWatch offers, is taking screenshots. Sometimes, you need to go beyond audio calls or typed texts to obtain the information you’re looking for. It could be drawings, emoticons, stickers, or anything similar that reveals what you’re actually after.

If you decide you want such data, you can just switch on the “Periodic screenshots” option and choose the most suitable time interval. Screenshots are saved for 30 days before they get automatically deleted.

Wrap Up

Using the HoverWatch software for a couple of months, it’s safe to say this is one secure top of the line app. With the freedom of being completely hidden, it still gives me the option to remotely stop tracking a certain device.

Adding the fact that I can use it on up to 5 different devices for a single payment, makes it pretty cost-effective in my book.

All in all, the HoverWatch app is super easy and simple to get the hang of and offers lots of awesome features that’ll surely satisfy your tracking needs.

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