How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on Facebook Messenger

Not getting the response you expected from someone on Facebook Messenger? It can be a pain. One explanation (that you might not like) is that they have blocked you!

I’m going to show you how to tell if someone blocked you on Facebook Messenger the easy way.

Facebook has become an extremely popular social media platform in recent years and allows you to connect with your family and long lost friends by simply “accepting” a friend request.

The platform is a great way to not only keep in touch with people but also keep up with everything your contacts are up to.

how to tell if someone blocked you on messenger

What Is Facebook Messenger?

You can still keep in touch with people even if you’re not on Facebook, via Messenger, which is the messaging or chat service of Facebook (FB).

If you’re using your computer (PC or Mac), you can simply go onto and access it. Or, you can download the Messenger app on your Android or iPhone and access it directly.

Messenger allows you to chat with your contacts via text. You can also send photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, etc. You can also use Facebook Messenger to play games, share your location, send money to people and even request a cab.

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Keeping up to date with messenger and what you can do is always a good thing so have a good look around. Now on with the article!

How to Tell If You Have Been Blocked by Someone on Messenger

For security and privacy reasons, Facebook does not make it easy to tell if you have been blocked by someone. If someone has blocked your account you won’t get a confirmation of this.

Speaking of security. Have you ever thought about how others could gain access to your private conversations and messages on Messenger?

I don’t want to scare you but check out – how to hack someones FB – you’ll be shocked how easy this is. For a closer look at apps that can monitor Messenger see my article the best FB Messenger spy apps.

However, you can do a bit of digging and find out if you have been blocked by a contact on the basis of how the Messenger behaves when sending a message.

Here are a few tips and techniques to tell if you have been blocked by someone on FB Messenger. You must remember that if a person blocks you on Messenger, this doesn’t mean that they have also blocked you on Facebook.

Even if the person has blocked you on Messenger, you will still be friends with them on FB and you can view their location, activities and timeline.

While you will not be able to send any private messages, you can interact with them on Facebook but you will not be able to send any private messages. And, if a person has blocked you on Messenger, they can unblock you anytime.

On Your Mobile

Checking if you have been blocked by your contact on Messenger via your mobile is very simple. Try sending a message to the person and see if it goes through.

  • Open the Messenger app on your mobile.
  • Click on the search bar on Messenger and type the person’s name.
  • Select the person’s profile from the list.
  • Type a message and press “Send”.
  • If the message does not go through and you get a message “This person isn’t receiving messages at this time” or “Message Not Sent”.
  • This may mean that the person has blocked your messages, completely blocked you on FB or deactivated their FB account.

Via Your Computer

  • Go onto via your browser and log in to your Messenger account.
  • Click on the “Create a New Message” icon, which is located on the left-hand top corner.
  • Type the name of the person in the search box.
  • Click the profile picture of the contact to chat with the person.
  • If you have been blocked by the person, you won’t be able to send a message.
  • You will get the message “This person is not available right now”.

You may be sometimes able to send messages to the person but they either remain unseen or you don’t receive a reply. This means that the person may have added you to ignored conversations or the restricted list.

Have a look at my article – How to Know When Someone Was Last Active on Messenger. This will help you understand that you might not be blocked.

Using Facebook Search to Check if Someone has Blocked You

Another method to determine if someone has blocked you on Messenger is to put their name in the search box, located on the top corner of the homepage and do a search.

The name you have typed should appear as a list of names to match the name you have typed in. If you have been blocked, the name of the person will not appear on the FB search engine.

Tag the Person

In the search box, type in the name of the person and once you find their name, tag them. When you do this, it will open a chat automatically and you can send the person a message.

You will not be able to tag the person in the picture if they have blocked you.


Check Your Chat History

If you have been exchanging messages with the person, then the messages will show up in your inbox. Click on the message board to expand it and look at the display pic of the user.

If you’re able to see the photo in a white outline, it means that everything is as it should be and that you’re in contact with the person.

However, if you cannot see a picture and it appears black and if you’re not able to click on the profile of the person, it means that they have blocked you from their contact list.

Check If the User Account Has Been Deactivated

If you have sent the person a message and if you get an error message, then check if the account has been deactivated, which can be done in 2 ways.

  1. If you’re not able to find the person’s profile or search for their name, then it is probably because the person has deactivated their account or blocked you completely. However, if you do find the person’s account online but cannot access it, it means that you have been blocked.
  2. Another way to check if the person is off Facebook is to get a mutual friend to check the person’s profile and if the friend is also not able to see the person’s account, then it means that it has been deactivated. However, if the mutual friend can see the profile, it means that you have been blocked by the user.

If they have had their account suspended or have simply stopped using Facebook at least you know they aren’t mad at you!

What to Do if Someone Has Blocked You on Facebook Messenger?

If you really have been blocked by someone, there’s not much you can do. Maybe it happened by mistake. If they are a close friend – a real one not just a FB friend – give them a call and sort it out.

Want to find out how to block or unblock someone on Facebook – have a read it’s really easy and might be fun!

To Sum Up

So, now you have learned how to tell if someone has blocked you on FB Messenger. It can give you some peace of mind …. or perhaps make you mad!

Oh the joys of social media today.

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